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[MOD] Tiberian Eclipse

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Hey what's going on everyone,


My name is Aaron Morse, AKA Three9, and I'm leading the total conversion mod called Tiberian Eclipse. TE is a mod that takes EA's C&C Tiberian Sun RTS game and throws it into the First person/Third person scene, giving a more dynamic look and take on the war that rages between GDI and Nod. The goal of this project is to create a unique atmosphere that brings the war to life and throws the player in the middle of it. Although it's going to be a TC of the original game, some liberties are being taken with creativity and not all units will be the exact same.


I'm only 22 years old and a college student, and I'm dieing to get a completed project that is worthy of being on a resume. I'm holding this project to high standards and really want it to be a fantastic and unique experience that make those who play it addicted, making them want to come back again and again for more action.


However, in order to do this, I need a lot of help. Currently there are only a few of us working on staff, and I need more people in every department. Currently we have:

-Myself- 3D art(all types), unwrapping, 2D art, rigging, exporting, UT3 editor setup

-Sirnaut- 2D art, exporting

-FoxDF- Sound effects

-Hughie Brennan- Music composer


As you can see, this team alone is not capable of completing, or even getting close to completing, this mod. Although everything is needed, I'll list those that come to mind. These are things we need done as well as actual skillsets (obviously the more you can do, the better!):

-3D art

-High poly models for normal maps


-2D art

-Specular maps


-UT3 editor setup (the more experience the better!)

-UtT3 map making


-Concept art

-Sound effects


Currently, there has never been a successfully completed Tiberian Sun mod for any FPS game. There have been several started, but never completed. I have a great passion for 3D art and along with that, a thirst and strive to develop the first TS mod. I really desire to work with others and come together to make an amazing project and look forward to doing so. I know I may not get many responses for this, but if you are talented or know someone who is that is looking for an ace project, please help us out and contact me at any of the following


AIM- ZeroX363

MSN- [email protected]

EMAIL- [email protected]


Also, here are a few renders from our newest works done, gotta have something to pimp off, yea? :P











Thank you for your time, and feel free to leave any comments, questions, concerns, or critique.

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Guest Stevie_K

Looks awesome. It's going to be hard, and you will get some hard competition from other C&C FPS mods.

I myself only make music and ambient sounds, but my experience is probably very low, so that won't be any help.

Looking forward to follow the progress of the project.

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I actually have more of their support than competition as far as their team goes (at least if you are referring to RenX). Havoc89 is a decently good friend of mine

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This looks very nice.

A decent looking TIBERIUM replacement.

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Guest Stevie_K

I actually have more of their support than competition as far as their team goes (at least if you are referring to RenX). Havoc89 is a decently good friend of mine


Okay I didn't know, but yes RenX would be hard competetion so that's great if you get their support :)

Tiberian Sun is my favorite C&C so im really looking forward to see the first succesful FPS mod about that game.

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