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C&C4's Net Connection Violates Gamer's Bill of Rights

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I hear you, and it's best that EA follows it. Even with C&C4, they remembered that merging Westwood is a hostile act and it has been quite unforgiving to many others, so it's best they should step up by following the bill, if they just ignore the bill like a piece of dirty crumpled paper, then they are truly lost. I hope APOC see this coming and send it to EA's CEO & the marketing team.


I salute you, Kane Nash, good job!

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Publix666: You can still play CnC online onwards from at least RA2, an 8 year old game, so I doubt that's going to be the case.

That's only because a third party is maintaining the multiplayer servers (see XWIS) after Westwood Online was shut down.

If you're going to say that EA is still sponsoring them, then that's only because it's convenient, since EA aren't maintaining the servers by themselves.


On the topic subject, I don't know how faulty is my connection, but I regularly get disconnected while playing APB, but I don't know if that counts. Still, needing to be online all the time even just to play on single-player is a ridiculous idea IMHO. I hope they change that.

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Wonder what happens when EA decide to pull down the servers for the game? One hell of a expensive coaster sitting there....


Sure its unlikely it will happen the first..year or three, but in five years when the game might be called a classic and EA decide their spending too much money keeping them up versus the number of actual players and they pull the servers down what then?

I bet the costs will be trivial by then, but worst case they push an official patch ahead of taking down the servers.

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