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  1. I'm surprised they're cheaper than on Steam.
  2. Well, I installed MidEast Crisis 2 on it and it's working. I intend to look for more mods in the near future.
  3. cnc_sage

    C&C Soundtracks Survey

    Other than Crimson City it was the only track worth listening to.I'm also dissapointed by the lack of Nod Crush. It's still my favourite song ever.
  4. Tiberian Sun makes it to the semi-finals. Incredible. Also incredible is that TS is currently leading against YR. Heh, a battle of the first sequels? TS vs. RA2? I'd like to see that.
  5. >Tiberian Sun voted over Red Alert 3 What is this I don't even Well, TS is my favourite game, but I didn't expect it to win in any bracket, especially against RA3 or any of the newer games for that matter.
  6. cnc_sage

    80% Off C&C Games on Steam

    I'm thinking of buying TW so I can play MidEast Crisis 2. Do mods work on Steam games?
  7. cnc_sage

    C&C Community Bracket Game

    There seems to be an old vs. new theme going on there.
  8. I take it Arena was the online game intended for the Asian market which the EA-execs decided to turn into C&C4 instead, for $$$.
  9. I'd go for "Forgotten Bunny" after seeing its walking (or should I say hopping) animation on the latest BCPT episode. Those smoke stacks could be its ears, like the tall ears of rabbit.
  10. Lol@the Forgotten Gorilla's walking. Now I know what to call it: the Forgotten Bunny!
  11. Biiiiig surprise! But I guess the above excamation would be open to interpretation. I'm not sure whether to be sarcastic of this fan-****, they actually used "Tiberian", who knows, all the recent fan-**** ("Tiberium", TS-era units) leads me to suspect that EA hopes to make up for the fact that it's no longer C&C as we know it or truly be surprised that EA actually used that name.
  12. cnc_sage

    Tiberium Covers and Arts

    Renegade was a spinoff as well. So was - dare I say it - Sole Survivor. And they both had the signature golden "Command and Conquer" in the title. You seem to be inferring that "Tiberium" was never meant to be canon.
  13. cnc_sage

    C&C4 Graphics

    Hopefully they'll cut down on the heat distortion. IMHO it was exhagerated in TW.
  14. cnc_sage

    New C&C Retro Trailer

    Is it just me, or are those Zone Troopers wearing those old white football helmets from before their visual change? If you look closely.
  15. cnc_sage

    Malevolence Polls! (C&C4 Stealth Tank)

    It's actually looks a bit streamlined, but it dosen't look like a stealth tank. Could work as a regular MLRS. EA is mocking us if they think they could pass that as a stealth tank.