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Yes, it does seem too soon, but what would you want to see in RA4?


No gamespy

Options for skrimish/online(INCLUDING NO SW/UWs)


Optimized and not having a huge amount of bugs(basically, take longer than 1-10 months working on this game).

Longer campaigns.

More commando missions that can also fail if you LOSE your commando(no money, no base, kick some ass or fail).

Spend more money working on the game instead of actors and ads

Ore fields/gem fields.

The Allies LOSE THIS TIME(and no, don't pull the time machine story again). They won 3 wars(5 if you count the war in YR and the Uprising war in Uprising), have them LOSE not a battle, but an actual war.

Don't drop support after CnC5 or Generals 2 comes out(this happens when hell freezes over though, and CnC4 MIGHT be the end, but it could be a cash cow).


What would you want for RA4?

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Everything just seems to be getting old for me. >.>


Its always going back in time again using the time machine crap.

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I wish to see another booster pack or a real expansion set for RA3 before embarking on RA4.


As for RA4, I am hoping that the storyline will pick up from the events from RA3, no alternate timeline, more of a sequel. We are not done with Yuriko's disappearance, Futuretech, and whats left of all the 3 factions.

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i think C&C G2 or another booster pack for C&C RA 3 will come out afer C&C 4 is done



the best move EA do is C&C G2 or C&C RA3 2nd EXP


if EA make C&C RA 4 this will be a dumb move




im thinking buying C&C 4 but look like 60% i will not buy 40% i will buy



because of that there no offline mode

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I wish to see another booster pack or a real expansion set for RA3 before embarking on RA4.


They could do that, bring in some more HD boobs. :P lol.


But some more DLC would be cool, though not necessarily on the same scale as Uprising. Something a bit smaller like, some 6 mission campaigns for all three sides and a couple new units.


Cause that Commander's challenge was quite large.

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