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SCII - Tricia Helfer to Voice Kerrigan

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[3:04] Metzen now moves to Tricia Helfer, the new Kerrigan. Metzen asks if there are any Battlestar Galactica fans in the room, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts.


[3:04] Helfer says that it's very intimidating to come into a game that you don't really know the history of. "I'm kind of a video game virgin in terms of playing."


[3:04] "Frogger was the last game I played, and that was in the 80s."


[3:06] She says her experience on Battlestar has helped with the role of Kerrigan, as well as "voicing more than that character for the game." She will also be voicing the Queen of Blades, as they stem from the same person.


[3:06] She says that it was interesting trying to bring in the character of Kerrigan into the voice of Queen of Blades, who is apparently fun to play due to her diabolical nature.


[3:07] She says that her role will be fairly light in the first installment in the game. "Cut to next year, and I'll have a lot more to say."


[3:08] A lot of the scenes Helfer will be doing in the first game will be delivered as flashbacks from the original Starcraft storyline.



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I don't understand the "need" for video games to hire "actresses" for their voice overs. I know it happens all the time, but honestly can't they just get some random who will cost half the price?


I fixed your typo Gben too. Unless of course I've been living under a rock these past few months. :P

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Tricia Helfer is popular, and well she's hot. But we already had her in TW. In SC2 you will only hear her voice.

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Kerrigan looks hot. In an evil, alien, I'm going to kill everyone and everything kind of way. I especially like that Protoss trailer. :)

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Yah but her acting on TW? Ugh lol.


I like the good 'Ol days of FMV actors, cheap and soooo much better haha :P



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