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Aaron Kaufman

GDI Hunter Unit Profile

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Every week through launch; we'll be profiling a new GDI or Nod unit in Command & Conquer 4 in the Factions section of our website. Each unit profile will have a short video displaying their primary abilities, historical background, and battlefield specifications so you know exactly what it's primary attack purpose is. Check out the latest GDI unit, the Hunter.


"During the early years of the Tiberium Control Network's development, militias composed of anti-Kane Nod Seperatists repeatedly attempted to disrupt the construction effort. Though GDI's frontline Predator Tank was capable of repelling these initial incursions, Nod Separatists quickly turned to hit and run tactics, exploiting the Predator's slow movement speed. In response, GDI commanders began to use modified APCs to engage these faster marauders, and Predator/APC combined arms patrols were able to keep the Separatists at bay for a time."


Click here to read the entire GDI Hunter unit profile, complete with video and concept art.


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