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Aaron Kaufman

The GDI Titan Unit Profile

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Every week through launch; we'll be profiling a new GDI or Nod unit in Command & Conquer 4 in the Factions section of our website. Each unit profile will have a short video displaying their primary abilities, historical background, and battlefield specifications so you know exactly what it's primary attack purpose is. It's time for some pew pew laser blastin charades with the mighty GDI Titan!


"In the years before the Third Tiberium War, the Steel Talons began development on the second generation Titan walker. The plans called for top-tier robotic technology, diamond-hard battle armor, and legs able to traverse jungle, marsh and rocky terrain more easily than conventional tracked vehicles. The result was the Titan Mk. II, which saw years of service at the hands of the Steel Talons before being pulled out of service in favor of the less expensive Predator Tank."




Click here to read the entire GDI Titan unit profile, complete with video and concept art.







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