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CNC4 User Interface

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Command and Conquer (1/TD) enabled the user to both command AND conquer simultaneously (as compared to their first RTS release Dune 2, and the Blizzard's RTS copy Warcraft). CNC1 provided the following multitasking (command and conquer) features:


1. view all build status information while performing combat (facilitated by separate and always visible structure and unit build bars)

2. build units/structures while performing combat (not requiring user to click on construction yard/war factory/barracks to start building a structure/unit)

3. other features (select multiple units, view health of all selected units)


As far as I am aware CNC Generals did not satisfy 1. and 2. , and CNC3 did not satisfy 1. (in fact CNC3 prevented 1. entirely by automatically overlaying build status information whenever a unit was selected).


I suggest that the CNC4 interface is upgraded to fulfill these basic Command and Conquer user interface requirements. In the case of CNC3/CNC4, where multiple structures, and multiple units can be built simultaneously, build status information for every unit/structure being built should be displayed separately at all times. A solution was provided by Valdez here; http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q279/XC...ueueconcept.png.




(For history of this issue, please see http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/fil..._Mod_v11;93866)



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To bad they don't even have a side bar. When I get rich I will pay others to do my own versions of CNC3 & 4. Probably buy the IP and remake all the games.

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