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ESA Estimates 10 Million Pirate Games Downloaded in December

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You mentioned it yourself when I said you're just a businessman, not a gamer.
I didn't say that... I said,

I'm not much of a gamer anymore, I spend more time making games than playing them now. Maybe I am becoming a businessman
Not much of a gamer anymore does not mean I am not a gamer at all. Maybe becoming a businessman does not mean I support DRM. I did say if I were in their shoes, I could see how they would be led to believe it was the best choice and might have made the same decision. If I currently owned a company, and currently was being given the choice to go with DRM or not, I would not choose it, because I am not them and it is now rather than then.


I never said they were. I only point out that they contribute massively to the problem.
As did I,
The pirates are the cause of this cycle. The companies' bad choices are the grease that helps the cycle turn.




(Sonic, you must have known you were opening a can of worms when you posted this... :naughty: )

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