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Fixing RA2 and YR errors

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I bought the original CD and I cannot install the game on my windows 8.1, Setup is not running

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I recently started playing RA2 but after few mission loading saves got extremely slow. It takes nearly 5 minutes to load. I have clean game and compatibility settings turned on. Game runs normally except the loading. I play on windows 10 64 bit.


Can you help me please?

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Hello, I am trying to get TFD's version of Yuri's revenge to work on Win7 x64, I'm using the unofficial 103 rev4 patch, Here's what happens: I click the button on TFD launcher and it loads for a second and then it pops up a message that says "***FATAL*** String Manager Failed to Initialize Properly" I press "OK" and it boots me back to the launcher. This is what I have tried to get it working:  1. Run as Admin,  2. Compatibility mode for 98/ME,  3. Compatibility mode for XP SP3, 4. Disable DPi  Scaling, 5. Combos of 1 2 3 & 4, 6. Re-Installed twice. What am I missing? It works flawlessly on another computer I own (but it's the only thing Installed on that one). Thanks for your ideas in advance 🙂  


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Thank you vary much! I had no idea that it was so complex to get working.

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