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Civilisation V

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If my opinion is that aresnic consumption lengthens your lifespan, that opinion is clearly wrong.

That is not an opinion, it is either a lie (if you know the truth) or plain stupidity, but either way, not an opinion (I'm assuming that was a typo and you mean arsenic).


If I declare that cilantro is the best tasting seasoning and should be used in all dishes, I am being rather intellectually dishonest unless I clarify that I mean for myself; it is very well documented that a portion of the population tastes a bitter, soapy taste instead of the more desired lemony taste.

Opinions don't have to be clarified. If it is your opinion, it is just your opinion, what the rest of the world thinks about it is not relevant.


The belief that all opinions hold equal merit, or cannot be right or wrong, or (at an extreme) should not be judged gives way to conspiracy theory and at worst breeds ignorance.

Opinions are only opinions, never anything more. The only way they hold merit is if you respect the person with the opinion or if you trust the general population to do your thinking for you (statistics). Opinions cannot be right or wrong, otherwise they would not be opinions. If someone says C&C4 is the pinnacle of real time strategy and you think it is a real time tactics experiment gone wrong, you can judge that person to have a poor taste in gaming and stop listening to them, but that does not make them "wrong".


We could probably make a thread about this :)

Well, if off-topicness persists, that will happen.

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A patch just came out that pretty much fixes every irritation the game had; if you already have the game I'd suggest turning the difficulty down a notch or two as well.

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