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Help! Serious Help please! Got stuck

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hi, my TT crushed numerous time man!! tried the patches update, improved in other areas and bugs, but the one got me stucked still persists....!!

ok, after i have finished the GDI Lockdown mission, the game started to behave wierd, and crashed numerous of times after the next mission finished: To kill a Prophet. it seemed that every time i existed the game, what ever came after the Lockdown mission in the mission list disappeared for unknown reason. I confirmed this by playing it again and again and realized that although the game did save upon completion for each mission, but as soon as you existed the game and came back, what ever mission after the Lockdown mission, they just gone, disappeared!! i know the game still somehow know i have completed those missions, i tried to load one of my saved mission; the game prompted that the mission has been completed and no more xp would be awarded. that showed the game itself acknowledged the completion of that mission.


so now i am stucked, can't move forward. So please, please help me! at least if i could get a tweak that give me the mission list would be very grateful!!


shouldn't even play with this game in the first place....

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