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Cartoon and Conquer #2

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Cartoon and Conquer #2:


Annoying comments by Nmenth:

This strip was originally going to continue in the Tiberium universe with the same three characters from #1, but the joke here is not dependant on the presence of Tiberium and I was also having some trouble placing the three Tiberium guys' personalities (as I imagine them at this point) in this scene, so I decided it was better to go Red Alert on this one.

I think these three will also be regulars, except in the Red Alert universe instead. I actually considered doing a side joke wherein there would always be three main characters for Nod, GDI, Allies, and Soviet, but they would all actually be the same three guys with identical names and personalities, but canceled that idea as I feel it would become an obstacle against me in future strips.

Another minor note, the name of this strip is Cartoon and Conquer not Cartoon & Conquer. I have gone with this because the font I used for the main logo renders the "&" symbol as a single character that reads as "and". When I saw it, I realized I preferred it that way and considered that although the strip is C&C themed, I don't really want to bind myself to the series in absolutely every way possible and this is a subtle sign that I am freely creating this from my own mind and originality with no obligation to C&C itself.

Cartoon and Conquer #3 will be posted on the 27th. If I am late, you all will get to write angry messages to me if you want.

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