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Invalid Serial Key

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I installed RA3 on my computer a little over a month ago and on my brother's computer. When we tried to do multiplayer, it said CD key is the same so we weren't allowed to play together. I just thought, 'Oh well, no problem. I'll just re-install the game with a different key. Now, it's saying serial key invalid whenever I try to go online, but I can still play single-player. If the serial key was invalid though, then why did it install at all? How can I fix this? I'm guessing I just need a different key. Maybe the one I tried was messed up. Could someone maybe tell me a different key or a solution? Please help!

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The RA3 copy protection/DRM system allows 5 installs/activations. However to play MP via a LAN you require 2 copies of the game (as in different keys). You can't use the same copy/same key on 2 different computers.


The serial key is only validated when you take the game online. It will always install regardless of your keys status. If you ever need to reinstall the game you should "deauthorize" you current install via the RA3 Control Centre, seen below.




Doing so restores 1 of your 5 installs/activations.


I'm guessing your key has been registered as invalid. You could try uninstalling the game on both computers, making sure to "deauthorize" them before you do that, then only install the game on 1 computer and should reset your keys status. If not you will have to contact EA Customer Support.

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