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Even more proof that it's Generals 2

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Hey guys.


I've been snooping around on google, trying to find out as much information about the newest Command and Conquer game, and I found this:




That was added to the Origin site 22 hours ago, but unfortunately it redirects to the homepage when clicking on it. However, I did manage to stop the redirect before it happened and check the source code, but there isn't anything special there. All I can find is the title "Command & Conquer Generals 2" but I cannot seem to find the description, which has been unfortunately cut off :/


I was going to post this on the main CnC forums but no matter how hard I try I cannot log in nor create a new account. It always says that the connection is insecure and prevents me from pressing "login" or "register". Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this, perhaps someone else might be able to snoop around and find some more information. :)


~ Kingbdogz ~

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