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Hot Topic of the Week #3

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Hello guys.


Here is the #3 edition of our hot-topic.


Hope you like it smile.gif





We have reworked the economy bonus system for higher transparency.


- The connection types between buildings stay exactly the same as they were (e.g. connected Accumulator and Power Plant result in additional Power resources).


- Connections between buildings will now generate additional resources continuously instead of bonus resource packages. The amount of additional resources per hour is displayed in each of the connected buildings. The complicated timing rules of bonus resource package production have been removed.


- The buildings will now produce the collectible resources packages as their general production. It will also be possible to relocate buildings in a base without losing any partial resource package production.


- If you lack resources, the displayed time until enough resources are available will be more precise since it will consider collectible resource packages too. It shows the earliest point in time at which the base has enough resources.


- A new button to automatically collect all resource packages of a base with a single click will be offered as soon as the player researches the ability to found a second base.


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