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Red Alert git repository

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(continued from http://forums.cncnz....-xpvista7-3264/)


OK, the big upload is finally done and people can now look at https://github.com/S...e/CnC-Red-Alert and see something interesting. I'm not done merging it all together, but it will eventually look like this:


Master---root-directory (and default branch)
|--Mixdata----All game assets, more or less
|--Mixer------A nice command line tool to make the mixes
|--Patchdata--hifi's pseries assembly patchs
\--Patcher----hifi's pseries assembly patcher


I'll use a series of chained makefiles which will assemble the *.MIXs and patch the game (or download Arda instead).


NB: I read about something called git-subtree which basically will allow us to spin off each of these subdirectories into projects of their own if the need arises. That is why I am no longer planning on using git submodules.


So now for my first question: should I just have "red alert" and "red alert with expansions" as mix build options? Or should I also prepare builds for each expansion by itself?


Edit: Question 2: Are expand1 and expand2 stored directly on the expansion disks? I don't see them.

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OK, I accidentally deleted the objects from github when i just meant to redo the history, so it's going to take a while to upload, but I now have a complete original, counterstrike, and aftermath branches.


That means is the next step is to incorporate the 3.03 patch changes. If anybody knows anything about what goes where I'd love to hear it.


Then the last step is to get git to export the diff original and counterstrike not as a patch or diff file, but as a directory only containing the changed files.

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