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Al Pal

Large scale battles

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Hello folks,


I have been playing with the rules.ini for a week or so now as I am trying to get the AI to create larger armies. They seem to be limited to ~7~ infantry and not many more vehicles (besides harvesters). I've messed with unit prices, in case it was just too expensive, I've played with production speeds, and just about anything I can think of to get the AI to make larger armies.


If anyone is familiar with a way to make this possible I would be ever grateful. I really want to get larger battles going, even with 7 comps they seem kind of small.



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You would need to create a trigger that would cause the enemy to generate new troops instantly every time they made one or stepped on a certain place.

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Guest Stevie_K

Welcome to the forums trikkx. :)


I have to say that the solution you propose sounds like a very inconvenient way of approaching it. I'm not by any means an expert on the technical level of Tiberian Sun, but I bet there's a better way of going about altering the AI behavior.

Perhaps you could explain why "you would need to create a trigger(...)". That would show others that you have an understanding of the issue.


I would be surprised if Al Pal have not found a solution somewhere else or through experimentation after more than a year. In other words; there's little reason to revive a thread that has been silent for more than a year.


@Al Pal , if you have not you found a solution yet, you can perhaps try and contact Aro through a PM on this site or through the Twisted Insurrection site. You could also try and PM CCHyper. Both have had their hands deep with Tiberian Sun modding as far as I believe. If you did find a solution, please share it here! :)

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You can set all of the TeamTypes to Recruiter=yes then increase the amount of troops per TaskForce then in General section of rules, change the TeamDelays to lower numbers. But not below ~65.

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