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AMD goes for 5-GHZ CPU

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Well it didn't take too long for AMD to be the first chip manufacturer to go 1 GHZ back in the Y2K.


But it took 13 years for AMD to achieve their next goal that most CPU manufacturers have yet to do, go beyond the speed limit regardless of energy efficiency and speed performance, and they did it, an eight-core 5-ghz CPU!!


Article: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2041341/amd-announces-a-5ghz-microprocessor-but-few-will-care.html

Discussion: http://forums.pcworld.com/index.php?/topic/156159-amd-announces-a-5ghz-microprocessor-but-few-will-care/


Few will care? Of course not! Even if AMD is falling behind, they're trying to make a comeback. Remember the one time AMD set a overclocking record of a 4-core CPU PC at 8.4 ghz? And still as of today, AMD still remains the sole manufacturer to be selling 16-core CPUs, and Intel may be heading for a 16-core Xeon processor soon.


If this works, I'll wait for an 8-core laptop, tablet or smartphone capable of reaching this speed.

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