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OpenRA Playtest 20130804 Released

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Play test version 20130804 of OpenRA has been released, featuring some new options and features. The team has also announced some significant moves forward in supporting Tiberian Sun. Here are some of the changes:

  • Added starting units configuration to the lobby (MCV only, light support, heavy support).
  • Overhauled Fog of War to freeze the state of resource, smudge, and structures.
  • Overhauled weapon projectile physics and rendering.
  • Unified tooltip behaviour between C&C and RA/D2K.
  • Added lobby options for disabling shroud and fog of war.
  • Unified the music player between C&C and RA/D2K and fixed a lot of bugs in it.
  • Fixed Nod01 mission. (C&C)
  • Fixed mouse cursor colors. (C&C)
  • Added public countdown timers to A-bomb and GPS. (RA)
  • Added build limit to iron curtain and chronosphere. (RA)
  • Significant additional work towards TS/RA2 terrain support.

You can find more information and download the latest build at their website or their Desura profile. The full changelog is up at their ModDB profile.

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Was just thinking if it supports Red Alert and C&C, also Dune and now Tiberian Sun, [perhaps they should rename their game to "OpenC&C" or something now.

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and now Tiberian Sun

That's still WIP and is available only on their github profile.

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