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Richard Kneller

Red Alert 2 Crashes including yuri's

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Lets start with my system :


Clevo P170EM Laptop


Nvidia GTX 680

8GB Ram

Windows 8 Proff


I had purchased the First Decade and put a sob story to EA that I wanted to play it on Origin so they gave me a key for The Ultimate Collection for free. Awesome right? Well Origin is a heap of dirt anyway so most of the games have issue from the get go. Red Alert 3 runs ok but even that has issues.


To the point I bought the package to play RA2 Yuri's revenge with friends. I installed this on Origin and after 5 mins playing with the 1080p fix and speed fix applied I was getting crash to desktop with the Main executable has stopped working error. Great , so I searched far and wide and all everyone says is to run in compatibility mode set to win 98/ME. So I tried that and ran in admin mode. Exactly the same issue. Tried applying the unofficial patch and no changes. Longest I got was 13 mins before a crash. So this doesn't seem fixable yet friends are running it fine. I wondered if it was the 1080p part Yuri was rejecting yet agian , friends are running it fine in wide. The game actually plays amazing with the fixes. Red Alert 2 just needed slowing down. However the crashing continues.


Back to basics. I uninstalled this version and went to the First Decade box. Installed RA2 and yuri. Applied the fixer and unofficial patch. Game booted fine as it did on Origin. Played about 7 mins then the screen freezes. The game is still runnning , I can hear the sounds/music , heck when I click the screen I can still issue commands etc. Yet the picture is locked. There is definitely a display issue going on here.

Please note I've run it on the HD400 integrated intel GPU as well as the nvidia one. Same problem. I even tried lowering resolution. Same issue.


One final question , The unofficial patch , how do I know its applied other than the patcher telling me so? The version number still reads Version 1.003 on the menu screen.



Thanks you reading my waffle.

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no sooner have I posted this than I may of possibly fixed it. there was an x64 folder with a new .exe within the RA2 folder. Replaced main folder with this exe and changed compatibility to win 98. And played a round 48 mins no crashing.

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I was about to post just that, It's not used to replace the main exe, as it would cause problems for more people... but I left it in there just in case.

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Hello Nathan. This issue seems to still crop up so I guess that indeed was just a placebo effect for me. Happens in Yuri and the base game. Just random visual lock up. No gameplay or sound affected.

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