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From the Mobile Infantry to the Mobile Base - A Study in Battlefield Mobility

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Cypher, one of our oldest friends on the community, was kind enough to send in this detailed article he wrote, its titled From the Mobile Infantry to the Mobile Base – A Study in Battlefield Mobility. Basically it takes a look at the how the idea of idea of a "mobile base" evolved and came to be. Here's a small sample....




While GDI made do with basic improvements to existing designs leading up to TW-II, it was the Brotherhood of Nod that made significant steps in the same doctrinal direction. Prior and during the first Tiberium War, Nod had neither the resources nor cohesion of ranks to mimic GDI’s strategies and logistical self sustainment. Instead, already relying on local fervour of the populace for infantry volunteers, with religious indoctrination in local temples – Hands of Nod – in lieu of training, Nod solved the issues of armour simply by flying in hardware as needed – with Tiberium reforming the global economy, Nod was not strapped for cash to buy the needed hardware.


Much as with GDI, it was circumstances that forced the Brotherhood down the same shift in thought. Leading up to TW-II, the Brotherhood of Nod slowly gained recognition and political support around the globe. Becoming a nation state entity it seemed that permanent bases of operation were the call of the hour.


Follow this link to read the rest. Feel free to share any comments about this article as well.

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Guest Stevie_K

Nice read :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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