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Popcap Games forums as dead as C&C?

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Wow, I am getting to see the Popcap Games forums including the PvZ series going to wind up like the C&C forums. All Popcap Games sections of games are all going through answers.ea.com for technical support rather than for general discussion: http://forums.popcap.com/showthread.php?6586-PopCap-Forums-are-moving!&goto=newpost


This also means there's no official PvZ Garden Warfare forums as well, because I was looking for it earlier. The only active official PvZ game forums is the PvZ Adventures for Facebook and post-support are very much gone.


Shockingly, I also found this article prior to the release of PvZ Garden Warfare:



Looks like the fate of Plants vs Zombies 2 for the PC and PvZ Adventures for FB are in limbo, and possibly PVZ Garden Warfare as well, unless EA makes Garden Warfare temporarily free to download on Origin's On The House to gain back its support.

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