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Selecting GDI mission 5 bug

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Hello everyone. When I have to select GDI mission 5 in Ukraine (after Belarus path in mission 4) i have two options. But both options lead to Ivano-Frankivsk and to the same map with suffix EA. In general.mix is the map with suffix EB. I think the eastern path should lead to different place and to map with suffix EB. In Nyerguds' "save pack" are no save of GDI mission 5 EB. Is somebody experiencing the same problem and (maybe) know which file shoud be fixed?

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That is indeed a bug in the game, and one I've never managed to fix. There's more to this, however...

Here you see the original missions as they are stored in the normal, unpatched game:


Notice anything about those images? The EB mission there is the one you probably played as EA mission. Also, besides a few very minor variations, the EA mission in the list is completely identical to the WA mission.

So, I kind of already fixed it. My patch simply switches the EA and EB missions, to replace something that was a copy of an already-available mission with the one that was inaccessible due to this bug. I thought this would be an acceptable fix as long as I didn't figure out why the map selection fails on that part. There were only three unique missions there anyway; now you can play them all, despite the bug.

Note that I myself, despite noticing the bug that both arrows gave the EA mission, never really realized it actually hid a completely new and unique mission. It wasn't until I played through the campaign on the Nintendo 64 version of the game that I accidentally stumbled on it; the N64 version doesn't seem to have that bug.

In fact, it might be possible that the Westwood guys themselves disabled the 2 choices there so the duplicate mission would not be accessible, but messed it up so it hid the wrong one. Having dumpster-dived into Westwood code, it wouldn't surprise me at all -_-

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Glad I could help you wrap your head around this :)

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It's not as bad as the second last Soviet campaign mission in Red Alert, you can't win one of the variants of that map the proper way.



Included a fixed version of Soviet mission 13 variant A (there's two map choices for this mission). The original mission is bugged in that capturing the Chronosphere (which is supposed to be required to win the mission) causes you to lose the game. The B variant of the map works properly. The mission fix was made by Allen262, issue reported by r34ch.

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Heh. In that mission, I always damaged the chronosphere to red health status with tanks, then Iron curtain'd it, and only then sent in my engineer to capture it. The Iron Curtain made sure it couldn't blow up :D

Not sure if I just got the right version, or if that actually got around the bug, but it let me win that way.

And it was hilarious to see Stalin rage over losing the chronosphere after I actually saved it :D

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