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Ahmed Ayman M

About making radart control with maps creating

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first time i did chrono transfer ( reinfrocmnet by chrono ) : i gotta the things that i selected on the map


and it were attacking my army as well.but it stay at thier position...now..after the chrono time come...the game crashes ..and it says : internal error


and now i tried removing the chrono units ( chrono here = reinforcment ) and then it works fine.now i tried moving them to water ( on the water ) and when i start the game it get internal error again .. now i'm gonna try making a new way point and then get them back to land but so away..

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nothing happened...anyway.is there a place here to release my map?

because i have a good work too that's is working fine...

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I'm sure there's a lot of places around the community for sharing maps, but I don't know of any myself. You could attach it into a topic on this forum, but probably not as many people will find it that way.

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