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World 100 is open!

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The good news, World 100 is open.


The bad news, a 503 error with a service unavaiable is embarassing, and only 61 players successfully entered the server as of this post time. Somehow Easy Studios is unprepared for the huge demand in that server.



Edit: I am ultimately disappointed in how Easy Studios handled World 100 with too much server demand, just like how players unable to get into Diablo III online for both SP/MP. Too much hangings, disconnections and services unavailable. I think I'll wait for World 101 with the same features but better server flow. By the time the server will be fixed, the world will probably be full by then. So far as of this post writing, over 2700 players got in out of 5000. At least I was the one who came up with suggestions for a unique World 100. But now this is the unique World 100 with issues. It's time for me to wait for World 101.

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