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Sean Normoyle

Tiberian Sun Blurry Command Bar

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I've searched around and then searched some more for a fix or as to what may be causing the problem but have so far been unsuccessful.

I've attached pictures of what I am experiencing.

I'm running the game on Windows 7, AMD Radeon HD 6990, Intel i7, 4Gb RAM. (very certain I meet the requirements, but who knows, maybe something is impacting it).

The blurr on the Command Bar disappears when I pause the game but reappears as soon as I interact with it.

The score screen looked fine until it had all loaded then the blurr set in.

Thanks for any and all help!



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I kind of looks like the game is set at a higher resolution than your monitor is displaying it on, meaning it gets scaled down... did you try playing it on a lower resolution?


If that's not it, though, I suggest a graphics driver update. I've heard about issues like this due to outdated drivers.

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