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Red Alert: A Path Beyond

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We've all played Renegade before, and we had fun experiencing Tiberian Dawn from a first-person perspective. Well friends, the team of Bluehell Productions has brought us this nice gem. They call it, A Path Beyond (which is commonly shortened to APB).


It's mad fun. Drive out in Heavy Tanks, flank the enemy with Light Tanks, play as Tanya and infiltrate the Soviet base, provide long-range support with the V2 Launcher; everything Red Alert, with a touch of Counterstrike and Aftermath included.






Maybe you have played this before in the past as this has been around for some time, or maybe this may be your very first time. Either way, do stop by and let's play sometime! :)


You can download it here -> http://www.bluehellproductions.com/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=8


With that, you get the game and the server list, which will look like this.



Now, BHP Official AOW (US) is your best bet. Don't let the numbers discourage you; idle around in the server, and players will join. If you find me, I would be glad to show you around and help you, from learning how to play to navigating the maps, what each unit does and everything in-between! In fact, others may be just as helpful!


Hope I've interested you, and hope to see you in-game!



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oh! well that is reassuring to me. thank you so much, sonic!

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