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  1. After 10 years of tedious work and dedication, the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux mod team is nearing completion of the complete remaster of the original GDI and Nod campaigns from the original Tiberian Dawn. The final campaign missions are slated for release this fall, along with balancing tweaks, revised coding and scripting edits to further polish the gameplay experience. Read the full update on their ModDB page here. Video courtesy of TaxOwlbear.
  2. Excellent article, it was a good read. Unfortunately I never got around to playing BFME II although I greatly enjoyed the first one. I also did not know the Ordos canonically won in Dune 2000.
  3. W3D Hub has posted an update on version 2.0 of Tiberian Sun: Reborn. This update includes information of fan maps being included for release, a view of alternate vehicle cameras, a new Nod building, and an image that is open to speculation. Read the full post here.
  4. The team behind the standalone Renegade mod, Expansive Civilian Warfare, have just released an announcement on W3D Hub. Created by Blazea58, Jerad2142, Canadacdn & Napalmic, ECW is a sandbox game with lots to discover! With over 100 different weapons and items to collect, over 47 different player-controllable vehicles including helicopters and mechanical walkers, and at least 15 jobs to earn money and level up, ECW has something for everyone! The mod is currently in testing and is not available to the general public but is accepting testers to speed its release. Read the full announcement on W3D Hub here.
  5. Version of W3D Hub's Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been released. This update sees several infantry changes including the return of the "old-style" Grenadier, health increases for mid-tier infantry, and a nerf for the Allied Medic. Version also includes various map fixes and added aesthetics for the Master Control Terminals and base infrastructure. Full changelog available on the W3D Hub website here. You can update your game via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  6. Tooth & Tail

    I like the art direction. This could be an interesting one. The KSR look cool, and judging from this shot I bet they have some underhanded tactics and a poisonous arsenal.
  7. CNCNZ.com Game Nights and Discord

    Good stuff. Can't wait to see the Discord server fill up!
  8. Site Updates - A CNCNZ to-do list

    Regarding organized gaming sessions, two things. 1. CNCNZ having a Discord of its own should prove helpful in organizing players together. It works well for W3D Hub in filling the server, and likewise for C&C Online when hosting tournaments. If we're really wanting to talk about optimistic, I think a CNCNZ Discord can be just the server in which all C&C communities can convene in. I'm of the opinion CNCNZ is influential enough to rally all communities under its house for this purpose, and having many members from various communities a highlight away can lead to some epic gaming sessions. 2. Collaborate more with project leaders and time organized gaming sessions accordingly. Mental Omega released an update? CNCNZ gaming session. OpenRA hotfix? Gaming session. I doubly support the idea of Community vs. Community gaming sessions. With the right reach across CNCNZ media, I'm positive there would be more than enough signups of representatives to get the ball rolling.
  9. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    Long live CNCNZ and the C&C communities all over!
  10. "I lost a bomb... Do you have it?" Never did find myself using Crazy Ivans much, although I always jumped at the chance to use Chrono Ivans when I got lucky.
  11. Video of the day

    Ah yeah, I saw that trailer for Super Mario Odyssey during the live Nintendo Switch presentation they held on Twitch. I'm pretty hyped for the Switch.
  12. Now Playing - Games

    Still playing through Pokémon Sun on my 3DS. I got it day of release but I'm awful slow in progressing through the story.
  13. Metallica will release on November 18th? The new Pokémon games come out that day too! November 18th is a going to be a good day.
  14. It's a tie for me between President Ford and President Dugan.