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  1. 22 years? Well, that's quite an achievement! I have always appreciated CNCNZ's mission in providing community news and hosting a library of fixes, solutions, and lore discussion for the C&C games we all love to play. You have my respect for continuing to lead this website for fans old and new, as CNCNZ will always be an important piece of the wider C&C community. To see it celebrate its anniversary is a welcome sight, and I am certain there are many more years to come! For Kane!
  2. >EA Believes C&C: Rivals Perfomed Below Expectations I see what you mean what about the lack of self-reflection. It's easier to blame others than take accountability.
  3. 55:05 I seriously nerded out here. *normal voice* Psychic? Okay. So psychic? Okay. *Slips into Yuri voice* Perhaps I can explain, Mr. President SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!
  4. So a 2020 release? Assuming nothing deters them from completing the remaster, I'm excited to see it! It would be nice to introduce the newer generation of players to the proper Command & Conquer series, and it's nice for us current and older fans to relive the classics in high-def. I have to wonder if they will reach out to Joe Kucan for some promotional material to further hype the remasters. It would be a smart business move in my opinion.
  5. I have been wondering how Rabbit has been actually. Feels like sometime since we last played 7 Days to Die or just chilled. Happy to know that CNCNZ will still find a way to keep afloat, and I am hopeful for the future. If there any side projects or community tasks you need tackling, I am available for the summer and I'll have more free time this coming school semester as well. PM me on Discord and give me a shout anytime.

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Tesla Coils

    Great article! I'll be coming back for more of these, it's quite interesting reading this from your perspective and what facts you back it up with.
  7. "Ah greetings, General. Do not think I cannot see your spies flying over my base. Pleeassee, look all you WISH! because this may be the last time you ever see my stronghold. As you can see, my defenses are impenetrable, and my toxic weapon systems will poison your troops long before they can reach me. Prepare to tell your three-eyed grandchildren of your defeat this day!" Now that is the Thrax I fell in love with. That maniacal scientist who would taunt you endlessly while cackling away. "The man, the myth, THE LEGEND" This other Thrax when I first saw him in the trailer was an immediate "Why?" from me, as in "Why would they ruin such a good character"? I would have been fine with that general being someone who followed in Thrax's footsteps or was a pupil to him. The change in appearance falls in line with the numerous plastic surgeries his backstory suggests, but that doesn't excuse the complete change in personality from his original, unforgettable self.
  8. Merry Christmas to all! May your holidays be filled with joy and may you spend plenty of time with your friends and loved ones.

    Saints Row

    This reminds me that I have SR2 in my Steam library. Makes me want to start it up and go on a classic rampage casual walk through Stilwater.
  10. I absolutely loved this track. I remember being much younger and having the C&C soundtrack burned to a CD and playing this one when it was actually raining in the night.
  11. FRAYDO

    Saints Row

    Saints Row 2 is no doubt the best in the series. I just loved the whole basis of building the Saints back from the ground up, and retaking Stilwater. One thing that always stuck with me from its story was when was Shogo and his Ronin thugs tried to take you and Gat out at Aisha's funeral, only for him to get beaten down and buried alive. Remembering how he was screaming for his life, just wanting to be killed instead of being buried alive, man... That was dark.
  12. I enjoyed Twisted Insurrection, even if I got my ass handed to me as it happens in any RTS I play :v Happy to see them approached for an interview, and enthused even to see it available in German and English. Not that I can read German, but it's cool that the C&C Saga team did that.
  13. "Black is back." It makes for a catchy slogan, and who knows? Whatever comes of his return, I'm excited for it.
  14. In this special month of October which marks CNCNZ.com's 20th anniversary, we will be hosting Game Nights every Friday. From the classic C&C titles to popular mods, we will be playing it all on our Discord server! If there is enough interest we can make it a contest to determine the #1 player of each Game Night, but otherwise these Game Nights will be casual gaming sessions as we chill together and enjoy games with friends. For this first Game Night of the month, there is no set time and no particular game we are focusing on. This is but an open invitation to come by our Discord server, connect within our community, and get some games going. The invite link can be found here, and we hope to see some faces old and new! I myself may be in late this evening, though if you catch me I will be down to play! Let's make these Friday nights our nights for C&C games!