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Mod Killing Bug- TibEd 1.7.1

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I've created a big mod for Tiberian Sun with TibEd and recently I have began porting in other art for new units. I imported one new voxel unit and it was a huge success but I tried with a building and a major bug caused my entire mod to crash.

Units no longer obey their prerequisites
Only MCVs will deploy correctly, other units disapear into a strange 1 tile big building that is completely useless.
Game Crashes after a certain amount of time.
Some buildings are unable to be built

I have entered the Manuel Editor but have not found one thing out of place.
These are major problems that did not exist until I tried to put in the new building art and it has completely destroyed my mod. I would like to know if there is a solution or if I may have to redo the entire mod from scratch, or if there is a fast way i can rebuild my mod. Thanks for reading.

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Any help would be great, as i am somewhat inexperienced with debugging things.

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