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New CNCNZ.com Article: Camp Corner 1 - Red Alert

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DVD Player, a recent addition to our newly established Articles Team, has submitted his first article. "Camp Corner" is a new series of articles that will take closer look into the stories and settings of the Command & Conquer series. With the first one focusing on Red Alert. Here's a small sample....





Of course, there is an inherent charm to all of this. Despite the CGI backdrops and frequent insertion of real-world footage from soviet rallies or parades, everything has a fairly solid presentation. It’s also worth noting that because of the limited power of computers at the time, these videos had to be heavily compressed. Because of this, the visual quality is atrocious, yet this terrible visual quality hides how much of the background is really CGI.

There is another quality to Command and Conquer cut scenes that make them stand out a little. With most scenes in video games, the camera is simply the camera that the viewer watches the action from, like any other movie. However in Command and Conquer games, each scene is played from the first person, where the protagonist (you) is a very decorated and mute commander. This changes how each actor interacts with each other and the camera, as they talk to the camera just as much as they talk to each other. Of course, this can make things awkward since the camera never talks back.


Click here to read the full article.

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RED ALERT 1. the most exeptional storyline, serious and addicted to the last mission! if only they could make a remastered HD version of this baby in 3D (not talking about OpenRA)

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