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Finally a Mario Maker from Nintendo, BUT.......

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It's already way too late for that, since there are now at least several Mario games on the PC that have world/level editors and they are far better (and more content) than what Nintendo is developing. Full details of this Mario Maker to be released in 2015: http://www.mariowiki.com/Mario_Maker


Now for the Mario editors for the PC:

1) Mario Forever had an editor but it was too buggy and incomplete. The New Super Mario Forever 2012 doesn't have an editor yet, but still it's in the works and graphics are far better looking than the Mario games for Wii.

2) Mari0 with portals had an editor and it is the best Super Mario Bros remake so far (even for the PC).

3) Mario Builder is the best Mario editor so far and it has the most content (thousands of objects and sounds) from all old Super Mario games combined excluding the recent ones.


So is it really necessary for a Mario Maker on a console? It's far better creating custom Mario worlds/levels on a PC with a mouse and keyboard rather than on a console with just a controller and a touchpen (unless you want better high resolution graphics onto a TV). The biggest drawback is that Mario Maker lacks most of the other content that Mario Builder has.

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