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Battle Alert - a mobile C&C ripoff

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Just stumbled upon this information, apparently discovered half a year ago.


Battle Alert 1 & 2 are direct ripoffs of C&C, mostly Red Alert, with a dash of C&C2013 in their promo (f)art.






Also for Android, but I can't access its store page right now.




Shameful, shameful, shameful. I've seen quite a lot of junk like this on Windows Store, but seriously, doesn't anybody check this sort of crap?

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Guest Rabbit

It's definitely shameful, but looking at it from a legal point of view, I don't really think there's anything wrong with the game.


All of the sounds are unique (as similar as they may be), and the style of gameplay is different. It seems like this is a company that thrives off of making knockoffs (probably a more accurate word than ripoffs), and they're apparently very successful at doing it.

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Not sure if this is the official trailer, but it uses RA3 soundtrack. Definitely illegal.


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There are SO MANY clones nowadays I don't think anyone cares any more.

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