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Problem With Screen after installing with Patch

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I just installed C&C Ultimate Bundle from Origin and my screen gets cut off so that I cannot see the right side of the screen.


This issue happend after installing Patch; before my screen was cut off bottom right, so after patch it seems a bit better but still having the issue.


Have attached the screen shot as Paint and Word.


Would appreciate any ideas/opinions on how to fix this.


Thanks in advance



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Could be a cnc-ddraw problem. The 1.06 patch comes with comes with a configuration tool. Try and switch around some settings there especially things like renderer or just simply disabling cnc-ddraw.

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Yeeah, I'd advise playing around with the game's resolution :-\

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After google ing the topic I was able to find the fix from answers.ea.com ; FunkyFr3shCnCNet has written that the problem might be caused due to DPI scaling (from the control panel go to appearance and personalization then display) which in simple terms means Change the Size of All Items (under Display when you right click to Personalize) from Larger (150%). I tried both Smaller (100%) and Medium (125%) which both worked.

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Ahh, yeah. FunkyFr3sh is one of the devs and of the CnCNet team. If you ever feel like playing C&C1 (or RA1. Or TS. Or YR) online, that's the place :)

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