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C&C 20th Anniversary Logo

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Sonic    287

I was asked for a clean version of the Command & Conquer 20th Anniversary logo that has been used on our recent news updates. Here it is....


Its transparent background is great to create your own Command & Conquer 20th Anniversary wallpapers and artwork. Credit goes to Neogrant from http://cncnet.org for making this :thumbsup:

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Plokite_Wolf    144

Yeah, there were four tournaments (ZH, TW, KW and RA3) which were the only remnants of what was supposed to be a major community event, and the logo was to represent that. Sadly, the people who were involved in the project were either too busy or retired in the meanwhile, so nothing much came out of that :/


The tournaments, however, went pretty well. There is full livestream coverage for TW and KW by IISpartacus if anyone is interested (KW was pretty intense)



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