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I've been working on replacing all 49 (!) missions from the original c&c campaign. So far I've finished GDI 1-11 and Nod 1-12.  This campaign is meant to run concurrently with the originals. For example, in GDI mission 1 you must guide a computer controlled Nikoomba back to his village (where in the original game, Nod kills him in their mission 1) Simply drop the .mix into your c&c directory select "start new game" (NOT new missions) and have at it. I'd appreciate any input I can get. If you love them or hate them, let me know! I'm also open to any ideas for future missions, just keep in mind build level and such.

download: https://forums.cncnz.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1610




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Sorry, but I've been experiencing technical difficulties here as I can't seem to post any screenshots or the awesome trailer I made. :(


To post your screenshots or any sort of image just upload them to something like http://imgur.com/ and the copy/paste the Direct Link(s) using the picture.png button on the Post Editor box. For any video such as your trailer you will need upload it YouTube. You can then insert into your post using the media.png button. More info about posting can be found in the Help section.

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When I try use those buttons and paste the link, it just freezes and never completes it's task. Guess I'll try again :) thanks, though!


**edit** still no luck... when I hit "ok" it never finishes. even the same with "cancel." nada. maybe I'll try on another computer


**edit** I had to manually type in the link.

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 Here is the updated version of my Tiberian Dawn for Pros campaign.  It now includes GDI missions 1-11 and Nod 1-12.  It is meant to be occurring concurrently to the original game.  This is the culmination of all of my trigger research, artistic training, and passion for Tiberian Dawn.  If you're like me and could beat TD and Covert Ops blindfolded then this is for you!  I've done everything in my power to counter the dumbass AI of the computer using all kinds of crazy scripting tricks and specific map layouts.  Since I first played C&C back in the 90's I wanted to make this and I couldn't be prouder.  Hopefully this will work with the remasters, but we'll see!

here's the new trailer:



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