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Tiberium Secrets update + Closed Testing Offer

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Our current update:




in recognition of all the efforts of staff here, I'd like to offer closed testing to all former, current and potentially future Staff of CNCNZ for the duration of our project.


All I require is:

1. send an email to [email protected], and I'll provide the details

(include your full name, screen name, links/ portfolios/ profiles/ sites of yours, and quote/ link of confirmation of staff status for our records)


2. create or use a moddb account to track our developments


If your not staff,

you can still earn closed testing by tracking us, and getting active on our page and forums.



If you've been of service to the C&C community in some way, please email, and link and or describe what you've done.

(Being an active player of the games, even if you're a top ranked person, doesn't count)


(if you've served on the now gone official C&C EA forums, and don't have any coppies of your contribution, then get in contact, and describe what you've done, and when, and we'll try and confirm it with others of the C&C community.)

If no one remembers you, then you don't exist.....


Thanks for your time & consideration,


(project Coordinator, PR manager, Lead writer)

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