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  1. here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-secrets/news/how-we-planned-tiberium-secrets-development-cycle-explained-discord-open-to-all Enjoy!
  2. GeneralJist

    Tiberium Secrets 1.3 Release

    Here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-secrets/downloads/tiberium-secrets-13-release
  3. Here you go: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-secrets/news/tiberium-secerts-open-alpha-release
  4. I said if... Sigh, I obviously am doing this for the passion of C&C, that can manifest in many ways. If it leads to good portfolio experience, which most of the time it has, then great. Oh dear god no. It has nothing to do with anyone who didn't post in this thread, or the reboot thread that went around this. It is our collective responsibility, and mine for letting PR get this bad. Well, thanks for your tone and response. I will probably take your advice in part, with CNCNZ. As for other places, I can't just stop PR, I'll discuss this all with the new PR manager, when she is ready. I will however not ask anyone to delete anything form anywhere. Hiding bad PR is not the way I operate. Trying to pretend this blow up never happened, robs us of the feedback and consideration that is necessary to improve, and maybe one day come back with something that you guys are excited by. I appreciate the maturity of most of the people here, I think we have come to a better place of better understanding and critique. I was dreading coming back here, to see what I'd find.... I'm glad we can be more reasonable now. We'll see how PR is run in the future,I was planning on taking a step back from PR anyways, just waiting for the new person to get up to speed. oh, I don't think you understand what putting a full new faction into the game (without replacing anything) actually entails....
  5. Sigh, Are you so blinded by your own track record that you failed to put on your thinking cap? not critical thinking, just thinking? Have you seem any of the other things that were posted on the page? Did you see any of the other pictures of aircraft, vehicles, structures? Did you notice it was recorded in a replay? Maybe that cuts out in game music? How can you bee so willfully ignorant? You've lost all respect from me, and now I'll have to revoke your community invitation in recognition of your work. I genuinely don't understand, How can people like you have so small imaginations? How can you say that when you have no idea who are team is composed of, and what has been clearly hinted at, but not shown? Sure, the video only showed off a few things, sure it's not the entire faction, but how can you go around saying you have looked at it all, and judged it accordingly, if you didn't even finish the video? This is in game footage, not a trailer. (why is that so hard to comprehend?) Perhaps we made a mistake in doing that, instead of a trailer, but I seriously find your lack of imagination disturbing. There are countless things that have not been shown, and that are not ready for "public" feedback, so we chose to show an extended game of just the things that are 100% done. You guys should be happy this kind of behavior is allowed here, any other community, any other website, this kind of ignorant bashing would be shut down immediately. Only in the C&C community folks! I never said that. You are spinning what I said, I said that me and the other half of leadership were able to talk to some of these people at GDC, and that these people have interest in our work. I may have got too excited after we got such a good reception, and so much respect by people in the industry. Have any of those mods been to GDC? Have any of those mods made a fully original faction that has it's own original art style, lore, mechanics, design, etc.? Have any of them spent significant money on making sure their product is released and their leadership is taken care of? Congratulations, you cough me in the time that I was really proud of our work. And not behind the scenes humble, which is my default. At least we have the balls to actually do something about the death throws of this once great community. Do I really need to give you an entire pizza, instead of a single slice to prove there is a pizza in the oven that it came from? Classic community, able to tell me what you don't want, but not able to articulate what you actually want. And what if I decided I was trying to show off what my skills are? What if I was using this portfolio to get me a job in the industry? (I will always live in die by my words and my actions, that is who I am, all for public critique, hell, that is what happens when you are looking to start a business, questioned, critiqued, disrespected, put under the microscope for the smallest flaw/ weakness/ leverage?) Wow, And I thought I had gone a little overboard... Dude, you might want to get yourself checked out, by a priest or something, sounds like your channeling some next level ****. If this was a normal community, a moderator would have you banned for that kind of clear abusive and borderline threatening language. If was a lesser person,I'd appeal to a "higher power" and claim your not making me feel safe.... Ye who casts the 1st stone, right? So, lets say I was, if, only if, I was trying to save the C&C community and brand, from both itself,and the years of mistreatment, and poor business decisions, trying to save a franchise that everyone thought was dead, that everyone loved back in the day, and that everyone wants back, so much they are still going on about the franchise on community platforms, long after most reasonable fans have moved on. If I saw what we were doing, as having a significant hand in helping that along, in doing something, and actually trying to listen to the community, even ones that are being abusive an ignorant. Hell, I'm not being paid for this... Why am I still here, spending the time to defend myself and my project on a community forum, which is in the back alley of the internet? If your going to try and crucify me, and my project, perhaps you should look at our statistics before you do: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-secrets/stats We're doing phenomenally for an unreleased product. Doesn't it say something that we got the kind of attention and notoriety we did, before release? The audacity of me and our project eh?
  6. Well, The thing is,that a lot of things seemed SciFi in TS, but less so in TTW. As time went on, people began to realize, what this stuff was actually modern warfare, not SciFi. Stealth tech and cloaking existed for a long time, and was popular for a long time, remember that 007 movie? in the ice castle thing? It's great we have had 10 years of such an iconic game, it's a pity EA will likely ot do anything about it tho.
  7. The original video was a 50 GB AVI, which we realized would take forever to upload, upon final conversion, it went down to 4GB. Doubtless the quality of the video suffered. What does that mean? It is he same infantry unit. It has a toggle like the firehawk that allows it to sift between anti infantry/ vehicle or aircraft, it has a cooldown while switching, where it can't attack. This is an entirely new faction, of which a small slice has been seen. Because, we started in summer of 2011, before modern engines supported RTS features. Encase it wasn't obvious, the pace was slowed for demonstration purposes. So.... Your telling me, after all this time, and the stink over TT, you don't want classic base building? (Even if that was true for most, this is an Alpha, we can't just change core mechanics like that, this is a Dozer system) If you think that is reheated pork, you haven't looked at anything else we've done. We are also currently ranked 27/ of ~29K. It's the beginning of a proof of concept, a small taste of what we have, there is a full faction to show off. (which we will roll out when polished.) I'm sorry, but getting volunteers to make a "full game" from scratch, with no possibility of any income what so ever, in a modern engine, is way too much work. Think of it like this, all the maps and UI, and online networking, the controls, all of it, would need to be made. Most indie's have a hard enough time doing that for their own original projects. We do have plans for future goals in EU4, all of our art assets are already optimized, if we ever went that way. Fair enough, These factors were not all fully considered when making this demo, we will look into a better presentation next time. I was restricted as to what I could show, since the director didn't want me to show of things that were not completely done. The other thing is, that's a Dozer, using the dozer mechanic from Generals. As to why the unit lose power, because all ASI cost power, and run off the grid, a low power state makes the unit sless effective, and locks all special abilities. oh, That's our ASI version of "unit ready"
  8. GeneralJist

    C&C reboot?

    Lets discuss this: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/20590-tberium-secrets-deciversery-tiberium-wars-gdc-recap-and-asi-internal-alpha/ Please re-post your questions/ concerns there, so we can fully discuss them. But encase you somehow missed the obvious, that is a new faction, not GDI. (we did not replace any of the original factions) Also, as illustrated in the still picture, ASI units cost power. Which is a significant mechanics change. There are also a few Nod surprises from the Tiberium Eclipse mod. Thank you for posting our video, ahead of me, it saves me some time.
  9. Here we go: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-secrets/news/tiberium-secrets-deciversery-for-tiberium-wars-asi-internal-alpha Internal Alpha Footage: The ASI Title theme is heard in the main menu:
  10. GeneralJist

    C&C reboot?

    Sigh, Your ignorance is palpable. I'll have yall take this up with my new PR Manager. I'm done with this conversation. If you don't want to be on our side, the side we are all on, then I'll revoke the invitation to all community staff on this website. Change your attitude, and settle down. Yall have 2 - 4 months to figure if you want to be part of the movement to make Command & Conquer great again. I don't have time for people who fail to look at the proof, which is all there to be seen. If you have critique about my procedures, and us being open to the community, PM me with a proposal/ well reasoned suggestion. I'm was just trying to inform yall as to what is going on, and my state of mind. Yall know where to find me. Do yall really want CNCNZ to just be a little lesser known?
  11. GeneralJist

    C&C reboot?

    I find it completely ridiculous that your saying this, since I put my track record and experience publicly for all to see. If you really want to find out who I am, and what I've done, it's really easy. It's clear your making assumptions, without even doing the most basic bit of research into who I am, and what my project is about. Actually, in regards to the CDC, it is something most of the pros I talked to asked us about, the viability of IP rights. This is something we talked about with our Lawyer, to make sure we were in the clear. Turns out the EA guy I mentioned earlier, actually said to my director Fandore, that he wanted to get us to sit down with EA. These are not empty talk and words for hype alone. I'd be a terrible PR lead if I lied to our community. I appreciate your critique, and I'm giving you more leeway, given your experience with C&C modding, I said, I'd try and get you in contact with our creative and Art director, he's just really busy. But, I'm getting the impression you really don't respect people who do things you can't or that you don't specialize in. I'm a producer, I am not a programmer or an artist, I run all administrative functions from PR to HR, I don't think you actually appreciate what those people do. (nor does it seem like you appreciate the role of writers.) We will be having a major update this weekend, to commemorate the"Deciversery" of C&C:3, just go see that, and see how much empty talk is there. It's difficult for me to let my work speak for itself, because of my roles. I usually can't point to a specific asset and say "look, that was me". I'm actually a bit astonished you can't seem to fathom that. While I understand your point, we are a 3D product, which changes everything. Doesn't it say something about us that we been able to get that kind of respect, notoriety, and connections before release? People like the ones we are connected to don't waste their time with people who don't have the chops to back up what they say, if you or anyone is unable to realize that, then please screw on your critical thinking cap a little tighter. We present, structure, and operate professionally because we are using this for our portfolios, It started as a cool moding thing for C&C, but over time, we realized, in order to have the chance to accomplish our vision, we needed to be as professional as possible. Think of our project like volunteering at a professional not for profit organization. Just because there is no direct compensation does not compromise the quality of our execution. I respect the accomplishments of the other continuing C&C projects, I really do, but we are doing something none of them are actually doing, expanding the universe into the future. And sure, most of you could holler at me about the audacity of such thinking, and sure you can be skeptical of talk over things that you don't have in your hands yet. But we made a commitment to this project, and to make it as best it can be, we want your 1st experience of that to actually be a playable game, not a half broken mod that is missing core aspects of an RTS. We are adding in entirely new factions, not just reskinning and reworking the old. As for the issues around EA, no, we are not asking for their approval, quite the opposite, we want them to come to us. (sure, you can be skeptical of if that is even realistic, but if Microsoft want's to work with us, and Google has been spamming me to pay them to be featured on all search engines, except yahoo, than I can tell you, we are not like the others that have come before. Yall will see tonight, or this weekend. As to what are our intentions of conducting ourselves this way? Why, to start a studio of course, to register as a partnership LLC, and make bigger and better things. The #1 issue all indies and startups have is discovery, is to have people know who they are, and trust in their brand. C&C will always be special to me, always, but there is more we can do, and yall will soon see it. LOL, Thanks, I actually already have a Bachelor's in psychology. I intend to go for my masters tho, I would love to get a degree in a gamedev field, but my calling is that of Human Resources & Industrial organizational psychology. (business Psych) I'll probably go for a PMP certification tho. Remember, I'm a producer & a writer I'll leave the actual designing to far more competent people. Also, it will not take us another 10 years, people will have something in their hands this year. (weather you will be one of them is up to you)
  12. GeneralJist

    C&C reboot?

    Ok, I got an ego... you got me. Ok, I'm overly passionate, you got me. Ok, we haven't released, and I'm coming on a bit strong. Ok, pointing out that me and my creative and art director have been continuously dedicated for for 6+ years, through countless ,and and minor setbacks (including a historic natural disaster er, is a bad thing because?) So sharing success of making our community and franchise more well-known after years of silence is somehow bad in your eyes? Well, of course I can't tell everyone on a public forum the details of a private meeting with a high executive. I'm sorry if it seems like just empty talk, I just know where we are in development, and I'm just excited. We will have a Closed alpha out in 2-4 months. Ya, I need to be a bit humbler through text (I'm a very hummble person if we actually have a voice convo), but there are countless things going on behind the scenes that the community never sees, and I am either doing, or aware of those things. Don't discount written works, we're doing a lot with the lore, that isn't released yet. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else do PR updates in the form of a story, which is not just news/ intel report format. Another one of the reasons is, we are one of the few C&C mods that are still actually active, and making updates. I don't think you understand what GDC is...in not PAX, it's not just any conference, nor convention, it's The professional convention for for all the higher ups in the games industry. The only reason why I primarily post about my project, is well there is not much else to discuss about the general community..... A bit ago, Skaggs tried something with this community, and a lot of people came out of the woodwork, because they wanted a beacon for the C&C community, that s all I'm really trying to do. That's all I want. And I'm actively trying to do that. If you don't want to come, *shrug* that's your decision. But as a Community staff member, you are invited, and given closed testing for the lifetime of our project. We’re all on the same side here, we all want C&C to be the best it can be. I'm just a conduit. *beacon placed* PS. I thought you were a guy.....
  13. GeneralJist

    C&C reboot?

    I'll pass that along to Fandore, our creative and Art director. Expect a PM from him in a bit so that you 2 can discuss these perceived issues in detail. We highly value your experience in these maters.
  14. And here we are: http://www.moddb.com/members/intense/blogs/meeting-modders-at-gdc
  15. GeneralJist

    C&C reboot?

    Well, I personally didn't talk to anyone at EA. My co-founder, however, did talk to one of the guys who worked on one of the canceled C&C mobile games. He said the guy was very excited about our work. We made a policy not to go to the EA booth, since we really had nothing to say to EA directly. They had their chance, hell, I applied to them so many times, through so many different channels, and they didn't want me. Same for Blizzard. But never the less, them, Riot, and all know who we are now, I guarantee you all that. My co-founder thinks EA is trying to figure out what to do with us as we speak. Ever since the conference. We've had people ask us about IP rights and such, and EULA issues,and we have solid responses for all. Furthermore, the contract that I paid for, is base off an EA contract, so it's covered. EA is indeed in quite a pickle with us. On one end, if they do nothing, we make them money. If they try to CDC us, it will fail, and they will lose money and even more respect from others in the industry. We basically told/ showed all their competitors that we no what to do with C&C, and how to do it, and have it be fueled by passion. Telling them all that we can and will do the job they should have been doing from the beginning. They are the giant with all the money and reach in the world, and we are some how beating them. And everyone knows it. As for what secrets us and Lou castle discussed over lunch, I've already said what I can.