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C&C ShockWave v1.2 Released

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SWR Productions have released version 1.2 of the C&C ShockWave mod for Zero Hour. This timely release has come just in time for the mod's 11th anniversary. There is a massive amount of changes in this release. The global fixes are listed below.

  • All anti-air capable units can now use a special air guard mode to focus on aircraft
  • All Tooltips updated to more accurately reflect what each unit, structure, generals power and ability does
  • Infantry emerging from a destroyed transport are now untargettable for 1 second
  • New Radiation death effect added for infantry
  • New Microwave death effect added for infantry
  • New Gorey death explosion effect added for infantry
  • Aura decals for all units this applies to things like Propaganda, ECM tanks or even Microwave Tanks
  • Heavy machine-guns and auto-cannons now have visually improved tracers effects
  • Tank Shells now all have a unique tracer effect
  • Countermeasure Flares updated to look better
  • Added new impact effects for super-heavy tanks
  • Implemented Supply Yard Variants
  • Implemented Oil Derrick Variants

Check out the full change log to see all the changes and fixes. Head over the the C&C ShockWave site for the download of the latest version.

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If anyone would like to play some matches, and doesn't mind someone that's way rusty at anything C&C, add me on Steam or what have you :) Shockwave has always been a fun mod.

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