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Tiberium Alliances cumulative list of changes (since 2011)

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As of now, C&C TA is beginning to feel like Farmville to most players due to the removal of loot in PvP and not PvE, and also no free TA funds to earn. :mad:


This thread post will be updated without notice until finished. Imagine how much of this browser game was done in about 5 years time.


Patch 16.3 changes (since 4-12-2016)



Release Notes - Version 16.3

• PVP Loot Changes
Due to the increasing reports and level of exploits made by PVP combats, we decided to change the way PVP loot is distributed. The loot you can make in PVP is now capped to the crystal repair costs, incurred in the combat. This means you can only loot what you will have to afford to repair your units after each combat.

With this change, we will close the ongoing discussion about ever recurring issues with account eating. We declare PVP as a strategic tool for territory and Points of Interest.

• Tip of the Day
New tips and tricks will show on the loading screen when starting up the game.

• We fixed an issue with the default zoom and the zoom levels in base view where the game appeared to be blurry.
• We fixed an issue with Forgotten bases spawning in a location that takes back territory from a POI but does not register on the POI and still remain under player control.
• We fixed an issue where resources were wrongly displayed and visually deducted when selling a unit or structure.
• We fixed an issue with dropping frames when moving base or support in the region view.
• We fixed an issue with vanishing UI elements when docking your browser window to Windows UI
• We fixed an issue where the sell shortcut (f) was not working in a substituted account.
• We fixed an issue where if you overwrite an army setup in the combat simulator, the wrong setup name is displayed.
• A new Speedworld badge type has been brought into the game.

Patch 16.2 changes: (since 3-16-2016)

Full overview of all changes coming with the 16.2 game update.

• After the Forgotten Fortress has been destroyed by an alliance, a respawn timer will indicate the respawn of the Guardian Bases on the Shield Hubs. If you did not move your base from a Shield Hub when the timer has run out, your base is destroyed immediately and the Guardian Bases respawned.
• Satelite codes are now consumed and taken from an alliance once they completed the endgame. If you want to attack the Fortress a second time, you will have to acquire a new satellite code.
• Once the Forgotten Fortress has respawned, it will command deadly and challenging counter attacks on the attackers in a 50 field radius as an act of revenge. Every Base that falls into the revenge of the Fortress is indicated by a mark for 72 hours. You either try the impossible to stand the attacks or hit the ground running.
• The role you had in an alliance when completed the endgame is now displayed in your world won achievement (This will only be in effect from now on and not working for previous endgames, unfortunately).
• The endgame changes will come to effect on all worlds, including classic worlds.

Combat Simulator
The combat simulator has received a major rework, including lots of community requested features.
• Simulation will now happen without combat replay. You can, however, open and watch the replay to any simulation at any given time if you want.
• The simulator window has been detached and is now moveable and flexible.
• More information has been added to the simulation overview. Hover the mouse over the repair costs to see detailed costs per type.
• A „disable all units“ button has been added to the combat toolbar.
• The combat toolbar is now open by default.
• The 10-second simulation timer has been reduced to 3 seconds (this will also work with your external simulators if adjusted).
• You will now be able to see the outcome of your battle without watching the replay every time you made a change to your formation. Change your formation and just simulate again after 3 seconds.

Infected Event Camps
The Infected event camps have received a re-work and rebalancing in loot outcome and loot distribution.
• Player bases higher than level 50 are now enabled to loot Offense Repair Time and Command Points from Infected Camps.
• The effective repair time loot has been reduced by 50%.
• There is now a „hard cap“ for Repair Time and Command Points. You can not loot more than the hard cap allows.
• The loot cap for Repair Time and Command Points is defined per event duration.
• The loot you are able to carry will be shown in a new display in the pre- combat preparation, as well as in the infected Camp description on the region map.

Holiday Substitution
• Players can allow/ forbid their substitutes to buy, sell and/or upgrade buildings and units via the substitution options.

Change World from in-game
• You can now switch directly to other worlds via a new tab in the Options menu, without having to leave the game and go through the Website again. Please note that you can only switch to worlds, you already created a player on.

Other changes
• A long lasting display bug has been fixed where resources seemed to vanish when upgrading units or buildings.
• Maintenance countdowns will now be displayed in all chat windows and not just the global chat. We also changed the color to Orange to stand out more.
• We fixed and corrected a couple of texts and information in tooltips and descriptions across the game.
• Multiple fixes have been made to resolve recurring issues with disappearing achievements.
• Vast improvements to game performance and stability.

Patch 15.4 changes: (since 12-3-2015)

Release Notes - Version 15.4

Infected Camps
We´d like to introduce the next challenge in the World of Tiberium Alliances. Infected Camps are a new and exciting challenge coming your way.

“Seems like the Forgotten have found a way to take over enemy units once they are infected with a mysterious Tiberium disease. Brotherhood of Nod and GDI had to abandon infected units and buildings to stop the disease from spreading. The Forgotten however, are immune to it and now use Nod and GDI technology for their new Infected Camps. They already started studying their technology. It is upon the Brotherhood of Nod and the allied Forces of the Global Defense Initiative to eliminate this threat and save their technology from being copied by their enemy.”

Infected Camps will spawn during specific event periods only, also on veteran worlds where currently no bases exist. While the Event is active, Forgotten Camps will spawn around claimed Tunnel Exits and claimed Points of Interest. Infected Camps contain Command Points and Offense Repair Time next to their usual loot. These additional resources can only be stolen when the player offense level is equal to or lower than the Infected Camp level. But beware, Infected Camps should not be taken lightly.

World Map
The world map has been revamped and improved.
You can now enable and disable the following settings to be shown on the world map.
• Show own bases, Show alliance, show allied alliances, show alliance markers, show other Commanders, show POIs, show satellites, show NAP alliances, show enemy alliances.

Further fixes
• The research costs for the Mammoth Tank upgrade and Avatar upgrade have been changed to 960M Credits and 768M Research Points
• The “Copy Coordinates” function has been extended by players request and you can now copy coordinates from Shield hubs, Ruins, Tunnels and POIs
• A bug where buildings appeared as damaged after a combat, while they have not been attacked is resolved
• The hint and pop up that you will lose your shield when moving in or beyond certain areas have been visually improved
• A bug lead to some menu windows showing up in wrong size and dimensions, this has been fixed now
• A bug where UI elements did not close when clicking the X has been fixed
• The Anniversary badge was not distributed to every player with the 15.3 update, the missing players now receive their badge
• A special badge will be granted to players who spent a lot of time and dedication on the Public Test Environment
• A feature has been added that will no longer require a browser cache refresh from you after we applied updates to the game. With this change, we should get rid of the ever repeating cache issues spread within the community.

Patch 15.3 changes: (since 9-4-2015)

Release Notes - Version 15.3
We have been looking forward to this update for quite a while. The 15.3 update will introduce the long anticipated global chat, as well as strategic markers and waypoints for alliances, and a lot of community requests we heard over the past months. We also listened to your feedback about third party scripts and tools and started integrating a lot of these functions. While we been also hard at work to minimize script errors, the integration of external scripts natively in the game will help to increase the experience as well. We will also get rid of “dead wood” in the game to improve your overall performance and experience when playing, and get a lot of your feedback in. We expect to roll this update to all worlds during later September, after a short testing session on the Public Test Environment mid September.

World Chat
A world chat channel has been added to the in-game chat. A variety of addons and regulations have been made to enable healthy conversations among players:

• A separate world chat channel has been added, and the world chat content is added to the main channel (“All”-channel) by default.
• A setting in the in-game options allows you to exclude the world chat from the “All”-channel.
• You are able to ignore other players and set them on your personal ignore list. You will no longer receive or see chat messages from the blocked player. The ignore function has been added to the player context menu, but can also be used with /ignore <player>
o Once a player is set on your ignore list, a new button in the chat window will be shown that let you access your ignore list
• Spam prevention has been implemented and you can only send a specific amount of messages within a certain time span. If exceeding the spam preventions, you will get auto-muted for a short time.
• Spam prevention is limited to the world chat. Spam prevention rules are disabled in the internal alliance chat
• An intelligent profanity filter has been integrated to filter out unwanted and bad words. You can disable the profanity filter in the options if you like
• New and advanced moderator abilities are in place and will be executed by EA staff if the chat is used for harassment and TOS violations. Repeating TOS violations can result in a permanent chat ban for the account.

Alliance Markers
This update will introduce a new feature that enables alliances Officers, Second Commanders and Alliance Leaders to mark up to 10 targets for their alliance on the region view.
• Alliance leaders can mark places on Region View to communicate them to alliance members
• Alliance leaders are Officer(s), Second in Command(s) and Commander in Chief(s).
• Each alliance can only set 10 markers on Region View.
• Each alliance can only see the markers of their own alliance.
• Alliance markers can only be edited, moved or removed by alliance leaders.
• Navigator Icons will show and lead you the way to each set marker on the region map. Clicking a navigator icon will make you jump to the marker spot directly.

There are 4 different marker types:
• Conquer
• Move
• Support
• Watch

The marker menu can be found, and markers can be placed via the Alliance overview.

Inactive Players Handling
• Players who haven't loaded a specific game world for 6 months in a row are now inactive players.
• When all members of an alliance are currently inactive, the alliance turns into an inactive alliance.
• This is not only the case when the last player turns inactive, but also when the only active player(s) leave the alliance.
• Substituted players are not counted as inactive when their substitutes logged into their account anytime within the 6 months.
• Inactive players are removed from the player rankings.
• All bases of inactive players are ghosted immediately.
• Inactive players turn back into active players as soon as they load the world again.

Further Changes
• Common Script Errors caused by the sidebar have been fixed
• Fixed a script error that sporadically appeared when opening holiday substitution
• Fixed various script errors that led to black region view and images not load
• Implemented the community script “Copy Coordinates” natively to the game, lets you copy selected coordinates with one click to the chat
• Implemented the function to message my whole alliance, allies or specific ranks. You will not need to type all required names anymore
• Removed the Refer a Friend quest from the in-game quests. Friends can still be referred via the option on the website
• Holiday Substitution permissions have been changed. The substitute can no longer sell buildings, attack other players, initiate player relocation or change any alliance rights.
• System, Base and Progress notification types have been removed from the game
• Changed the login screen when logging on a world the first time to represent the latest artworks
• Changed the description text for the “Reach level 20 area” mission. It now states to go beyond level 20 area as this has led to confusion in the past
• Reduced the base recovery lockdown beyond level 27. Example: Lock was at 3 hours on level 50 before, this is now 2 hours
• Worlds in the world browsers are now displayed by “played last” at the top
• Fixed the ambient audio volume resetting to 20% on login
• Fixed missing unit levels with resolution above 2560x1440px
• Fixed getting stuck when alliance gets disbanded during running combat
• Fixed various missing strings
• Fixed an issue with UI sounds not working properly on Google Chrome browser
• Seconds are no longer displayed in the world browser world selection
• Challenges & Event badges will now be applied straight after a challenge is completed.
• When logging on a game world, a brief challenge bar was flashing, this has been removed
• We added a vast amount of smaller bugfixes to enable better performance and gameplay.
• We added a improved zoom functionality via the game options. You can now zoom out a lot more in the region view when activated via the options. However, this might impact your performance negatively.

Move Timers changed
• Attack recovery is now changed to 6-hour steps, this was 24 hours before. This is only affecting Tiberian 4 and all new worlds going forward.

Maelstrom Tools
We added selected Maelstrom features natively to the game client
• Overall production: Summarizes resources per hour + bonus + POI (among bases)
• Base resource overview - Shows all resources in all bases and a sum of it
• Repair time overview - shows repair time and army/defense points for all bases
• Hide the mission tracker (via options)
• Show remaining time until next MCV is affordable in the “found base” -tooltip

The 20th-anniversary badge will be deployed to everybody who logged into the game during September.

Patch 15.2 changes: (since 7-10-2015)

Features & Balancing

Events & Challenges
With the new update, we will introduce an event and challenge system. Challenges are meant to go live at any time and will need your attention to achieve the given goals.
These events are global challenges, they are active on every world, and every world success and contribution counts together to the big global goal. These are no server independent goals, these are challenges for the community as a whole. That said, either everybody claims the reward or nobody does. And that depends on if you manage to achieve the challenge goal. These are challenges from us, to all of you.

• A challenge comes with up to three goals, once you unlock Step 1, you will have to complete Step 2, and Step 3.
• All challenges come with a given time, thereby is important to note that all rewards are only activated once the challenge is completed and the challenge time done. After the challenge time, the reward will be activated for yet another set time.
o For example, you will have five days of time to achieve the three goals. You manage to complete step two in the five days. After the five days, the step 2 reward gets active for two days.

Please note that there can always only be one reward active. If step one reward was “10% fewer attack costs” and step two reward is “30% fewer attack costs” – the final reward will be 30% and not 40%.

During each individual challenge, there are “server restricted rankings” – You will always see who is the most contributing player, and alliance on your server. The top players and alliances per server will also be granted with special badges for each event.
The event system will give us the ability to distribute exciting rewards that have never been seen before. It is a global event for all players combined and we hope to give you some more entertainment on the run for the middle. We will constantly bring in more challenges and rewards, and we are already planning on distributing new units, new camp types and others via the event system to the game in the future.

Server Registration / pre- Sign Up
The pre-sign up is a handy method to place players before the world actually launches. When we go live with event worlds we want to avoid a server crash due to the massive load generated to our servers. A server crash is neither for you and neither for us a good experience and we want to give you a smooth as the possible start into a new world. We, therefore, came up with a signup tool. When we launch specific new worlds, we will enable the pre-sign up. You will hereby be able to log into a world, days before the world actually starts and choose your faction and starting region. When the world opens days later, there is much lesser load generated and your start in the new world should be a lot smoother.

Inactive Players Handling
• Players who haven't loaded a specific game world for 30 days in a row are now inactive players.
• When all members of an alliance are currently inactive, the alliance turns into an inactive alliance.
• This is not only the case when the last player turns inactive, but also when the only active player(s) leave the alliance.
• Substituted players are not counted as inactive when their substitutes logged into their account anytime within the 30 days.
• Inactive players are removed from the player rankings.
• All bases of inactive players are ghosted immediately.
• Inactive players turn back into active players as soon as they load the world again.

Fixes & Improvements
• Noob protection is now removed automatically from the base if you reach the level 18+ Forgotten area (this was 25 before)
• Added Forgotten offense units to the Arsenal
• A new option allows you to level up multiple levels on units and buildings at once
• The System Notifications forum has been removed
• The friend request button has been removed
• Fixed a script error caused by the notification sidebar
• Fixed ambient audio volume reset upon login
• Removed the scroll bar in the alliance overview
• Removed the empty cheat menu from worlds
• Added the correct page numbers to in-game forum pages
• Various further additions to improve stability and performance

Balancing Changes [Only on new worlds]
We applied changes to the overall game with a new balancing set affecting multiple aspects of the game.

Offense & Defense [This change might apply to existing worlds too. Will be evaluated during PTE testing.]
• If a base has more offense units than its offense capacity allows, any offense attack from that base are blocked. This will prevent the selling of offense buildings and still continuing attacks.
• If a base has more defense units than its defense capacity allows, units will be disabled until the necessary defense army points are available. Disabled units will be marked as “disabled” in the defense overview.

Player vs. Player
• Currently you pay at least 11 Command Points per attack: 10 Command Points basic value and
+ 1 CP for each field distance in friendly territory
+ 3 CP for each field distance in enemy territory

• The new basic costs for PvP attacks are 3 Command Points.
You now only +1 CP per field in friendly OR enemy territory when attacking other players

Account Eating
• Each unit and building still grants the same amount of resources, but there is a maximum amount of resources a player can loot from another player.
This loot cap affects Crystal, Tiberium and Research Points.

Base Drain & Farming
• NPC and automated base repair now takes 12 hours instead of 1 hour

Move Timers changed
• Attack recovery is now changed to 6-hour steps, this was 24 hours before. This is only affecting Tiberian 4 and all new worlds going forward.

Patch 15.1 changes: (since 4-17-2015)

The recent weeks have been busy for our team in moving the development environment to the Envision Entertainment studios, this also explains the extended maintenance window you will have experienced. Since then our team has been working hard to bring you the game news as soon as possible. Below are the first improvements we will bring to the game within this month, whilst the PTE environment with the below changes will go live next week already.

Multi-Language Support
Multi-language support now allows players to change their displayed in-game language in the in-game options.
• The in-game options have been reworked and a new function has been added. You are now able to select and change the game language yourself.
• The language setting is saved as the default language for you in each world individually.
• If you do not have set your default language setting, the client uses the language of the website upon login as default.
• This change will affect existing worlds and new worlds alike.

Multi Language Worlds
Coming along with the multi-language support, we have completely reworked the system how we open and release new worlds to you. Due to the ability of multi-language support, we will open worlds spanning whole regions. This change will enable us to open new worlds more frequently, and we aim to launch a new world per region/timezone every 6 - 8 weeks, or when filled up.

• Multi-language servers will be named "Global” in the server selection.
• They are set up for one of the following regions/time zones: Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.
• Multi-language server can be found in the world selection whenever the language filter is set to "All" and will be labeled as “international”

Due to this change, players of all nations have the ability to come together and still play in their preferred native language. We are very excited about this change as it opens up new allies and enemies on the battlefield as well as steady opening of new worlds.

Worldbrowser Region Support
To support the new way of handling worlds and regions we reworked the world browser to accommodate those changes.

The timezone drop down in the server browser has been replaced with a region selector. We will ensure a fresh world is always open per region. Existing worlds are mapped to the regions by time zones. The following time zones are used for each region:

• All: All
• Americas: UTC-9 to UTC-3
• Europe: UTC-2 to UTC+5
• Asia/Pacific: UTC+6 to UTC-10

Public Test Environment
A commitment we want to give and also carry out going forward is that we want to build this game together with you, our players. In the past, it was difficult to react to your feedback quickly enough and we want this to change. We therefore now introduce a public test environment where we deploy updates in advance and test upcoming features or changes together with and alongside you.
Every patch will be tested on the PTE in advance and will give you the ability to give us your feedback.
• The PTE is a public visible test world
• A dedicated forum will be set up in the official C&C: Tiberium Alliances forums to discuss the PTE content.
• New game updates will be deployed on the PTE and announced to the community via the PTE forums.
• The PTE will not always be open to the public, however, you will be notified via various channels when, and how long it will be open.
• Cheats will be available on a case by case basis via a new menu in the options to skip through progress and to help test specific features and content.
• The PTE content and progress may be reset and wiped regularly. The PTE server is not meant for regular game play but to take a look at new features and to provide feedback.
• Achievements earned on the PTE server are not stored.

• The global Help forum in-game has been removed and now redirects to the official community forums.
• The warning message upon login to the game while in WebGL mode has been removed.
• The collect all packages function is now available at any time and not dependent on research of the MCV.
• The issue with the chat window sometimes disappearing completely if the user minimizes it has been fixed.

Nov 2014 changes:

Version #412160

  • The file size of all PNG graphic files has been reduced by approximately 70% in average without any visible quality change. This should result in much shorter download times especially for players with slower internet connections, as well as less impact on any incoming traffic quota players might have.
  • Google Chrome 39: An error that resulted in in-game windows like Messages and Research not working correctly anymore has been fixed. This also resulted in better performance for some UI animations in Chrome. (Special thanks to community member N003TASTIC for assisting with this issue)
  • This release also includes two hotfixes that have been applied to German Welt 37. These hotfixes should prevent server side performance drops in certain scenarios.

Oct 2014 changes:

Version #412055

  • Various internal fixes and improvements to increase the overall stability of the game.
  • The configuration of the servers has been updated to reflect current best practices regarding SSL.

  • The problem with shortened texts on Chrome 37+ for Windows and Firefox and Chrome for MacOS has been resolved. (Safari related fixes may be applied in future releases)
  • Researching an upgrade for an offense unit during attack preparation does not result in a phantom offense unit in the own army anymore.
  • You can now correctly relocate while having a base standing on a hub.
  • Fixed a UI issue where resources lost would be shown too high in the tooltip when selling a damaged Silo or Accumulator. The true amount of lost resources are not changed and have been correct all along.
  • Fixed an issue preventing correctly reporting a player who has not logged into the game for a very long time.
  • The tooltip explaining the Plunder loot mechanics has been corrected for worlds where the Plunder fixes are not enabled (e.g. Old Economy worlds).
  • Various small text glitch fixes.

Sept 2014 changes:

Version #411943

Account eating anti-exploitive measures (applies only to new economy Worlds)

Changes to plunder mechanics
Plunder is a feature that in it's current state is easily targeted for exploitative behavior. We have decided to change when plunder is rewarded to an attacker.
  • Plunder rewards are now only paid out when a base is completely destroyed.

Change to storage buildings
We have made a change to how resources are handled by storage buildings, like Silos and Accumulators. Selling a storage building now will cause you to lose some of the resources that are over capacity (also known as over storage) after the sale.
  • If selling a storage building would put you over capacity, you will lose the percentage of the resources over capacity after the sale that the sold building contributed to the total base storage capacity.
  • Trying to sell a building at a loss will first prompt a confirmation dialog.


Quote:Total Tiberium storage capacity: 1000

Tiberium balance: 500

Sold storage capacity: 500

Tiberium over storage after sale: 0

Tiberium lost: 0

Total Tiberium storage capacity: 2000

Tiberium balance: 2000

Sold storage capacity: 500 (25% of 2000 total Tiberium storage capacity)

Tiberium over storage after sale: 500

Tiberium lost: 25% of 500 overstorage = 125 Tiberium

Total Tiberium storage capacity: 2000

Tiberium balance: 3000

Sold storage capacity: 1000 (50% of 2000 total Tiberium storage capacity)

Tiberium over storage after sale: 2000

Tiberium lost: 50% of 2000 overstorage = 1000 Tiberium

General changes
Change to rewards gained from Forgotten attacks (applies only to worlds with Forgotten attacks enabled)
We want to keep risk/reward at a good balance, the following changes are aimed at deterring from camping around Forgotten bases.

  • Rewards gained from a Forgotten attack gets a cap at defending base level +4

Quote:A level 40 Forgotten base attacks a level 20 player base. The rewards paid out is based on the values of a Forgotten base attacking with its offense units being level 24.

Changes to pop-up messages
The in-game pop-up box for news has now an added checkbox.

  • Checkbox option added to remove messages
  • You should be able to simulate attacks against alliance members again.
  • The so called "Double Silo" bug has been fixed, which allowed to disable the Carry Capacity for Plunder.
  • A small glitch that resulted in too high resource numbers shown in the browser after selling buildings.
  • The Alliance Invite Accept button should now be correctly disabled after the player has been kicked from that alliance and invited again before the end of the rejoin grace period.

July 2014 Changes:

Version #411705

Changes in inter/intra alliance behavior
In the last patch, we removed the possibility to attack a friendly base. In this patch it's now possible again to view a friendly base, even though you can't attack it.
  • Reintroduced possibility to view a friendly base and to simulate a bttle against such targets.

Forgotten Attacks Beta World
Forgotten Attacks do not increase the defender's unit attack counter anymore.

Other changes
New tool to trigger in-game pop-up by dev team with multi-language support.

June 2014 Changes:

Version #411623

In this release we've focused on mitigating several exploitative behaviors as well as adding gameplay connections to the alliance system. We are aware these changes do not entirely block multi accounting, however they will limit the use of exploits related to it.

All players on a world now start with the same layout
We noted that players rejoined the same world with different accounts to try and get the “perfect layout”. This resulted in an unnecessary number of used slots that could otherwise be used by new players. Since all first bases will now look the same, there won’t be a point in creating new accounts.
  • All worlds have a determined layout for the first player bases.
  • The layout seed is unique per world. If you join another world the layout will be different there, but the same for all players on that world. Second and third bases etc. will still work as before.
  • This applies for the layout of resources (Tiberium and Crystals) as well as for the layout of the defense area (Oil Slicks, Swamps, Scrubs, Woods).
Changes for inter/intra-alliances gameplay
  • You can no longer attack another player’s base if one of the following conditions are met:
    • Target player is a member of the same alliance as you.
    • Target player is a member of an alliance your own alliance is allied with.
    • Target player is a member of an alliance your own alliance has a Non-Agressive Pact (NAP) with.
    • You accepted a holiday substitution for the target player.
  • If you leave an alliance, you cannot rejoin the same alliance within 7 days.
Changes in PvP rewards
We've made changes to how rewards are calculated in PvP attacks to mitigate exploitative behavior. Rewards are now not only dependent on the unit’s life, but will also diminish upon further attacks.
  • The amount of rewards for damaging a defending unit is now 0.7^n (n = amount of times a certain unit has been attacked). n will increase by 1 for every attack on that specific unit if it is damaged during the attack. Counters for undamaged units will not increase.
  • Every defensive unit has its own attack counter that won’t be shown on the user interface.
  • The counter is reset when the defending base is destroyed.
  • This update will only apply to rewards generated by damaging defensive units on enemy bases.
  • Changes made will not apply to rewards generated by offensive units entering the building area, damaging buildings or destroying the attacked base.
  • These changes do not effect PvE.
  1. All defensive unit counters are 0 and all defense units are at 100% hit points. Let's say the reward for the attacker for destroying one MG Nest is 1000 (1000 * 0.7^0).
  2. On the second attack, all defense units go back to 100% hit points. The attack counter for MG Nest is 1 and MG Nest is destroyed again. Rewards for the attacker will now be 700 (1000 * 0.7^1).
  3. Third attack, all defense units back to 100% hit points. Attack counter for MG Nest is 2, MG Nest is destroyed again. Reward for the attacker will now be 490 (1000 * 0.7^2).
  4. And so on. The row of rewards for following attacks for the mentioned case of the destroyed MG Nest is: 343, 240, 168, 118, 82, 57, 40 etc.
Changes to the protection shield at start
We have taken measures to fix an exploit using "newbie" shields to protect Points of Interest (POIs).
  • The starting protection shield falls prematurely if a base moves too far towards the center. This update won’t apply to recovery shields or subsequent base shields.
  • During the time after world creation which is equal to the newbie shield duration (e.g. the first seven days), moving towards the center no matter how far will not drop the newbie shield.

Changes to the refer-a-friend program
The refer-a-friend program has been seeing some exploits, so we've changed the reward requirements. Refer-a-friend now gives rewards when your friend creates his/her second base.

  • A script error at loading the game with Chrome 36 has been fixed.
  • Entering the game with Internet Explorer 11 does not result in a "Browser not supported" warning anymore.
  • All browsers should show the icon for a proper SSL connection in the address bar now.
  • An issue that resulted in the browser sending unneeded requests to the server has been fixed.
  • An issue resulting in players not being able to research certain technologies (e.g. Vertigo/Firehawk - Nanotech or Flak - Guided Missiles) has been fixed.
  • A text error when displaying the world winner medals has been fixed (both World Championship World and normal world medals).
  • A text error in notifications for attacking Forgotten Bases has been fixed.
  • Forgotten Attacks Beta world: An issue that resulted in Forgotten Attacks not happening for certain players anymore has been fixed (hotfix of May 13th 2014).

April 2014 Changes:

This update focuses mainly on the Forgotten Attacks feature, but we do have additional changes in the works that will affect all servers and game types to provide a more balanced experience. More information on this will come at a later date.

Changes to Forgotten Attacks Beta World
  • Fixed an issue where some players never got attacked by the Forgotten despite their shields being down.
  • After defending a Forgotten attack, players will now be rewarded with the correct amount of loot.
  • Forgotten encampment levels are now consistent with level mentioned in the Forgotten Attack reports, and an encampment is now always visible.
  • Added unit requirements to the “Upgrade defense to level 5” mission to clarify what is needed to trigger the first Forgotten attack.
  • Added a few missing strings.
Changes to All Worlds
  • Nearby camps that spawn near your location will now base their level on either the offense and defense level of your base, depending on which is higher.
Changes to Non-Forgotten Attacks Beta Worlds
  • The “Forgotten” tab has been removed from the reports list on servers where the feature is not enabled.
  • Added World Championship medals to player info screen for winners of the World Championship.

December 2013 Changes:

Alongside our holiday activities we are delighted to announce a new and fresh round of unit upgrades.
Details on when this update is coming can be found on our website here.

December Update Overview

GDI Firehawk (Offense)
Nano Tech – This upgrade reduces the cost of repairs after combat

Nod Vertigo (Offense)
Nano Tech – This upgrade reduces the cost of repairs after combat

GDI Flak (Defense)
Guided Missiles – Adds guided missiles which increase the damage dealt to enemy air units

Nod Shredder MG (Defense)
Shrapnel Ammo – Increases the damage dealt to enemy infantry

GDI Barbwire (Defense)
Repair Drones – Repair Drones instantly repair Barbwire Barriers after an attack

Nod Laser Fence (Defense)
Repair Drones – Repair Drones instantly repair Laser Fences after an attack

Localization Fix
• Fixed placeholder strings in the combat tutorial in all localized world.

October 2013 Changes:

This patch includes 4 new upgrades which will be released for the following units

Nod Scorpion Tank (Offense)
Laser Cutter - This upgrade provides the Scorpion with a front-mounted laser cutter that increases damage when running over enemy units

GDI Juggernaut (Offense)
Barrage - Barrage deals splash damage to enemies surrounding the main target

Nod Anti-Tank Barrier (Defense)
Repair Drones – Repair Drones instantly repair Anti-Tank barriers after an attack

GDI Anti-Tank Barrier (Defense)
Repair Drones – Repair Drones instantly repair Anti-Tank barriers after an attack

Additional Fixes
  • Corrected reward for Nod tutorial mission 9b, from Crystal to Tiberium
  • Minor bug fix for the repair time tool tip not being aligned
  • Minor changes in the offense tutorial wording
  • Minor changes in the GDI Kodiak upgrade description (shields only ground units)
  • Minor bug fix for the base selector drop down in the "Supplies" shop
  • Credits page additions

August 2013 Changes:

In this patch a set of 6 fresh upgrades will be released for the following units:

- GDI Kodiak (Offense)
- Nod Salamander (Offense)
- GDI Missile Squad (Offense and Defense)
- Nod Black Hand (Offense and Defense)

Unit Updates
1. GDI Kodiak – Aegis Aura (Offense)
The Aegis Aura creates radial shield around the Kodiak that will protect allied ground units from incoming damage as long as the aura has energy left.

2. Nod Salamander – Conversion (Offense)
The Conversion upgrade gives the Salamander a life leech beam that will target enemy defensive structures and heal the Salamander in the process.

3. GDI Missile Squad – Missile Storm (Offense and Defense)
The Missile Storm upgrade deals splash damage to enemy units. On defense the Missile Storm splash damage will only hit enemy air units, while on offense it will damage enemy units and structures. The splash damage is dealt in a radius around the upgraded Missile Squad’s main target.

4. Nod Black Hand – Conflagration (Offense and Defense)
Conflagration deals significant splash damage to enemy units in a radius around the upgraded Black Hand’s main target. This splash damage only affects ground units and can damage structures while on the offensive.

Change - 13.08.2013
Earlier versions of the patch notes did include more unit upgrades. Unfortunately not all of them are quite ready for release at this time but we are currently in the process of handing over the ongoing feature development to the Easy studio to ensure that the remaining upgrades will be released in the near future by the new team.”
If there are more questions we could point to the fact that we never released more than a few updates at once, last but not least since balancing testing takes a lot of time and we take that aspect very seriously.

July 2013 Changes:

Patch Notes July

In this patch a set of fresh upgrades will be released for the following units:
- GDI Sniper Team (Offense and Defense)
- Nod Confessor (Offense and Defense)
- GDI Zone Trooper (Defense)
- Nod Militant Rocket Squad (Offense and Defense)
- GDI Commando (Offense )

Unit Updates
1. GDI Sniper Team – Laser Scope (Offense & Defense)
The Laser Scope upgrade for the Sniper Team is designed to greatly increase the damage done to infantry targets which will further increase their effectiveness and lethality on the battlefield.

2. Nod Confessor – Defense Matrix (Offense & Defense)
The Defense Matrix upgrade is a mobile barrier that makes the upgraded unit more resistant to damage which will increase its ability to last longer in a fight.

3. GDI Zone Trooper – EMP (Defense)
The EMP upgrade will disable one enemy vehicle temporarily. This creates an effective block against fast attack and other vehicles. The effects of the EMP are lessened as the level of the enemy target unit increases above that of the upgraded zone trooper.

4. Nod Militant Rocket Squad – Defense Matrix (Offense & Defense)
The Defense Matrix upgrade is a mobile barrier that makes the upgraded unit more resistant to damage which will increase its ability to last longer in a fight.

5. GDI Commando – Charge (Offense)
The Charge upgrade boosts the movement speed of the Commando when the Commando is damaged by enemy units. This effect can be interrupted by Base Buildings, Defensive Structures, or the Commando stopping to target an enemy main target, but the ability can be reactivated.

June 2013 Changes:

In this patch a round of fresh unit upgrades will be released as well as several adjustments to player maximum levels and Forgotten base and outpost level ranges.
- Unit Upgrades for the Nod Attack Bike and the GDI Predator
- A final player level cap of 65
- Camps match player offense till level 65
- Outposts spawn up to level 50

More Unit Updates
1. Attack Bike (Offense & Defense)
The Attack Bike is an attack vehicle fulfilling the role of anti-building and anti-air unit in a Nod commander’s arsenal. Its rockets are designed to inflict high damage versus buildings and air units at long range. Its tactical weakness lies in the light armor and low hitpoints making it vulnerable to many sources of damage.
The shield upgrade for the Attack Bike is designed to increase survivability of the Attack Bike.
All incoming damage will first be subtracted from the shield. The shield does not count as hitpoints of the unit: If the shield is damaged, the attack damage will not be reduced as long as the hitpoints of the shielded unit is at 100%. Once the shield is destroyed, the Attack Bike will lose hitpoints and receive normal penalties to attack damage. The shield scales with Uranium compound POI bonuses for offensive and Resonator POI bonuses for defensive Attack Bikes.

2. Predator (Offense & Defense)
The Predator is the first choice for the anti-vehicle role for GDI commanders in the early and mid stages of the game. Its long range and armor-penetrating gun make it the backbone of many GDI armies.
The railgun upgrade for the Predator further increases damage versus vehicles and is intended to guarantee its viability as anti-vehicle ground unit in the advanced stages of the game.
The Predator’s attack damage will scale as usual with Uranium compound and Resonator POI bonuses for offensive and defensive predators respectively.

Maximum Player Level 65
Due to technical constraints the maximum level for players will be capped at level 65. This rule applies to all offense units, defense entities and base structures. However, this change will only affect a small fraction of our player base, which has been playing for much more than a year on the same server.

Camps Match Player Offense till Level 65
Camps now spawn beyond level 50 up to the maximum player level of 65. Players beyond level 50 will have better options to farm resources than before.
The level of the camp is determined by the player’s offense level and can vary in a range of +1 or -1. For example, a base with a level 65 offense could spawn camps between level 64 and 66.

Outposts now Spawn up to Level 50
The range of possible levels for outposts spawned by a tunnel exit has been extended for late game tunnel exits.
Outposts can now be up to two levels below or five levels above the level of the tunnel exit. A level 45 tunnel outpost would now spawn outposts ranging from level 43 to level 50 depending on the offense levels of bases in its proximity.

Beginner Camps Spawn Changes
Forgotten camps for new players till level 12 will now always match the offense level of a player after the first camp has been defeated. This change ensures that new players during the early stage of the game will always have relevant raiding targets.

April 2013 Changes:

- Introduction of the new shop feature with special offers and item bundles
- Additional garrison unit upgrades reinforcing your offense and defense
- New “Endgame”-Missions
- Introduction of Refer/Recruit a Friend
- Various bug fixes
-> More details below:

To improve the overview of all the stuff available in the game, we are introducing a shop feature under the menu “Supplies”. The supplies will feature new bundles and keep you updated on Fund sales and special offers. Additionally, the current inventory will be merged with the supplies to save you time in managing what you already have or what you may need.

• Supplies can be easily accessed through the “Supplies”-button in the top bar.
• You can buy and use Funds, items and bundles
• The supplies now also contain your inventory. You can see the amount of items you already own.
• It only displays items and bundles for the current player rank, using a rank-filter functionality.
• Changing the selected base also changes the base selection in the supplies.

• Bundles are shown in a special category within the Supplies.
• Adding a bundle immediately splits it into its components:
• The following items can be included in bundles: Resources, capacity items, and Funds

New Endgame Missions:
In this patch we also added new missions for the later stages of the game. These are especially for players who have progressed further into the game and are looking for new challenges until they reach the Endgame.

Garrison/Transport, Stage 2:
After a very positive reception of the garrison/transport upgrades in the last patch, we will introduce more garrison/transport upgrades with this one. The new garrison upgrades will be available to both factions and for Offense as well as Defense.

Offense: Venom
Defense: Flak

Offense: Paladin
Defense: Guardian Cannon

General information about Garrison:
Both types (Offense/Defense):
• Units with this upgrade are allowed to transport one infantry unit.
• The garrisoned unit will not shoot until it is deployed on the battlefield
• The garrisoned unit and the vehicle will not share HP. If the vehicle is destroyed, the garrisoned unit will be placed with its own HP from the start of the combat.
• Garrisoned units will take no damage, not even support damage.
• If the vehicle is destroyed, the garrisoned unit will be placed with its HP from the start of the combat.
• If the vehicle becomes disabled, the garrisoned unit will also be disabled.
• Stealth units will be deployed in stealth and will only lose stealth when a primary target is nearby (as per the usual rules for Stealth in normal combat).

• You can move your unit in and out of the vehicle in both combat preparation and army view of your base.
• If the vehicle reaches the first row of the base area, it will initiate the deployment of the garrisoned unit.
• Once the vehicle reaches the second row, the garrisoned unit will be deployed behind it, in the first row.
• However, if the vehicle has run out of ammunition, it will be removed from the battlefield and the garrisoned unit will be deployed at the previous location of the vehicle.

Additional Information for “Air-Transport”:
• Air Units are allowed to carry 5-Armypoints-Units only
• If the air vehicle is destroyed, the transported unit will be deployed/slowly “fall” down via parachute.
• It is now attackable, when it is not in stealth, it will also attack defense units/structures.
• The unit will only be attacked by ground-units, they will not be attacked by anti-air units/structures while parachuting. (Except for units capable of attacking ground and air).
• The unit will parachute down, until there is a valid spot to drop. If there are units or buildings the parachuting unit will continue until it reaches the base or is destroyed.
• If the unit is stealthed and cannot drop/land, because there is no valid spot and no prioritized target, it will stay stealthed and is not attackable.
• Additionally, when parachuting the unit will be able to fly over obstacles, e.g. walls, but only with half of its normal movement speed and until there is a valid spot, to drop/land on.
• An exception to this rule is the zone trooper with upgrade: If attacked in-air without a valid target (vehicles) nearby, its speed boost will be triggered but with half speed resulting in normal movement speed (50% movement speed while parachuting plus the 100% upgraded speed boost), as long as there is no prioritized valid spot or target
• Another exception would be a building in the first row of the base-area, which can be attacked by a paladin from a 2.5 distance. The Paladin would drop/deploy the unit when it passes the first row and not at the point, when the ammo is depleted.

Refer/Recruit a friend (This feature is now removed in 2015 and thereafter):
Want to play with a friend? Just recruit/refer him and grab some extra goodies.
• Refer/Recruit a friend will be available after Stage 2 of our Patch-process
• New “Referral” missions will be available
• You will be rewarded for these missions if a referred friend solves them and reaches rank 4 (once per friend).
• The reward can only be claimed by you to avoid exploiting the reward system with multi-accounting.
• When a player registers using a referral and plays until he reaches player rank 3, then the referring player gets the following rewards:
-> On each world he is playing on at that time you get 3 resource items, each one depending on your respective player rank on the worlds.
-> The 3 items are randomly selected from the following types: Tiberium, Crystals, Power, Credits
-> The items are placed into your inventory on each world.
• The referral link is on the landing page
• You can also select "Refer a friend" from the bottom right menu anytime in the game.
-> Copy referral link (same as on landing page) without having to leave the server
-> Enter friend's email address to directly send a mail to a friend.

Fixed Community-Hot-Topic-Bugs:
• The problem of switching units with the “garrison/transport”-upgrade, which (could) end up in being unable to attack a target will be fixed
• Problems related to “failcode -1” will be fixed
• Problems with Chrome, which was constantly scrolling up to top automatically should be fixed
• Code-redemption problems, caused by overlapping “white box” are already fixed

March 2013 Changes:

Unit Upgrades: (based on a community suggestion):

Because we are always aware of the feedback and suggestions from our community, we have included new unit upgrades, as suggested by the community. As C&C veterans will know, there have always been transport units, which can carry/transport infantry units across the battlefield. Therefore we have decided to remain faithful to former C&C-titles and take heed of your suggestions. This is what you can expect from this new upgrade feature:

• Units with this upgrade are now allowed to carry/transport one infantry unit.
• Garrison will be available to both factions for both Offense and Defense.
• Units getting the upgrade:
GDI: Guardian, for Offense and Defense
Nod: Reckoner, for Offense and Defense

General information about Garrison:
Both types (Off/Def):
• The garrisoned unit will not shoot until it is deployed on the battlefield
• The garrisoned unit and the vehicle will not share HP. That means, if the vehicle is destroyed, the garrisoned unit will be placed with its own HP from the start of the combat.
• Garrisoned units will take no damage, not even support damage.
• If the vehicle is destroyed, the garrisoned unit will be placed with its HP from the start of the combat.
• If the vehicle becomes disabled, the garrisoned unit will also be disabled.
• Stealth units will be deployed in stealth and will only lose stealth when there is a primary target nearby (as per the usual rules for Stealth in normal combat).

• You can move your unit in and out of the vehicle in combat preparation and not only in the army view of your base.
• If the vehicle reaches the first row of the base area, it will initiate the deployment of the garrisoned unit.
• Once the vehicle reaches the second row, the garrisoned unit will be deployed behind it, in the first row.
• However, if the vehicle has run out of ammunition, it will be removed from the battlefield and the garrisoned unit will be deployed at the vehicle's previous location.

Feb 2013 Changes:

List of Bugfixes and improvements:
• MG-Nest rebalancing (Community request)
o Many players complained about MG-Nests in player defense are way too strong against all targets. Therefore MG-Nests from GDI and Nod now deal less damage versus vehicles.
• Fixed bug where Tiberium fields were not shown in combat preparation in PvE combats (Community hot-topic)
• Re-balance of mission-rewards (tutorial)
o Mission/tutorial rewards got adapted to player’s progress
• Forgotten base repair efficiency balanced (to prohibit base-farm exploit) (Community request)
o Several players used Forgotten Bases with a good layout, to farm them over and over again, because of their short repair time, and the good loot they provided.
o The forgotten base defense repair time remains untouched, but the “base” repair time is now stretched from 1 hour to 24hours, to make it unprofitable to “farm” a base over and over again.

• Preview of territory changes when defeating a base
o When you click on a base, you can now hover over the attack button and you can see the territory you would claim when destroying the base (works both in PvP and PvE).

ENDGAME -- How it works in detail:
The alliance that gets the Tacitus (Scrin artifact) wins the server. The Tacitus is within a giant, inaccessible Forgotten Fortress in the center of the world. An alliance that manages to conquer and hold four of seven Shield Control Hubs in the center of the world for a specified time period simultaneously to hack/remove the shield of the Forgotten Fortress that has to be defeated to win the server gets the "world won" achievement. Alliance member on the terminals can hack (by entering a computer virus) the Forgotten Fortress’ shield to weaken it.
It is possible for other alliances to also get the achievement on the server.

3 Phases needed:

Phase 1:
Player needs to get a Code from satellite wreckage. To get one, he has to spot a satellite-wreckage on the world map and move onto it. The Player has to hold the position for 3 days to extract the code, which is needed for Phase 2.

Phase 2:
In this phase, alliances try to get 4 of 7 Shield Control Hubs to remove the shield of the Forgotten Fortress that guards the Tacitus. The Shield Control Hubs are placed around the centre of the world.
• Every Shield Control Hub has 8 positions (Terminals) to unlock them. These positions are guarded by lvl 50 bases.
o Bases can be attacked by everybody
o Terminal bases could contain advanced units (Forgotten Units with upgrades)
• Every player of an alliance that has the code can claim the position if the Forgotten base was defeated
o Only one Terminal per player. If the player already is on a Terminal of any Shield Control Hub, he is not allowed to move another base of his own onto another Terminal of any Shield Control Hub.
• If all 8 Terminals around a Shield Control Hub belong to one alliance, the Shield Control Hub belongs to that alliance.
• As soon as an alliance has 4 Shield Control hubs (8 positions per Control Hub) active, a 10 day Hack-timer starts (visible to all players).
• If any base on a position at the Shield Control Hub gets destroyed and the alliance drops below 4 active Shield Control Hubs, the timer is stopped and reset.
o The timer stays active as long as 4 Shield Control hubs are active. It does not matter which one.
o Having 5 Control hubs active acts like a little insurance for alliances.

Phase 3:
In this phase, the alliance that started and completed the Hack Timer has to defeat the Forgotten Fortress in the center of the world to win the server. The key to that battle is to get at least 25 alliance members on terminals simultaneously online to weaken the Forgotten Fortress by injecting a Virus attack.
Phase 3 starts as soon as the shield is down. It may be attacked even when the players have not launch their viral attacks, though it will be much harded to kill it, because it is considerably stronger.
• From now on the Forgotten Fortress in the centre of the world is attackable.
• Morale does NOT apply.
• Any member of the alliance that successfully finished the “Hack Timer” can attack the Forgotten Fortress.
• Players that do not belong to that alliance are not allowed to attack the Forgotten Fortress.
o The Forgotten Fortress is attackable as long as at least 4 Shield Control Hubs are active. It does not matter which one.
• So if the alliance loses one of their 4 Shield Control Hubs, the Forgotten Fortress is shielded again and has to be hacked again with Hack Timer of 10 days.
o Every base on an active Shield Control Hub, belonging to the alliance, gets an active “Virus attack”- button in selection.
• Players from other alliances could also have an active Control hub, but they are still not allowed to use the Virus attack-button. Having succeeded the Hack Timer is one condition for an active/enabled button.

Additional Info:
• Forgotten Fortress combat preparation is only enabled when the shield is down.
• Viral attacks weaken it 25 times. As more players will participate, this will raise only the duration of the viral attack (every viral attack 2:30 minutes duration, so 25 viral attacks will drain 25 levels for 62:30 minutes; 32 viral attacks will be only increase the time to 80 minutes)
• Same Command Point costs as if the Forgotten Fortress would be a regular base.
• The Forgotten Fortress has repair over time and instant repair.
• Upgraded units in Forgotten Fortress’ Defense and whole new defense units (also with enhanced tooltips to create more fitting strategies).
• The Forgotten Fortress gives no loot, but the achievement, that the alliance has won the server.
• [update]One player base[update] can only attack the Forgotten Fortress once every 50(updated stage 2) minutes, to ensure that the whole alliance is involved in the Endgame.
• Alliance that has destroyed the base is now in the hall of fame sheet and every Player of the alliance get the "Win server"-achievement.
• The Forgotten Fortress leaves a ruin for 3 days.
o Within this time another alliance cannot start the hack timer.
• Other alliances can also get the achievement on this server.
• An alliance with the "win server"-achievement can activate the Hack Timer and defeat the Forgotten Fortress again, but that alliance does not get the achievement again for this server.
• If an alliance has won a server and does defeat the Forgotten Fortress again with some new players without achievement, those new players will not get an achievement from this defeat.
• The same account can get both (GDI/Nod) “win server”-achievements, when winning the endgame with the same account on two servers with different factions.
• When one alliance on the server is attacking the endgame, there will be a spectator-mode for everyone (no alliance-or distance limit).

Dec 2012 Changes:

Unit upgrades


o Mammoth
- “Battering Ram“ allows the Mammoth to break through walls

o Watchtower
- “Short Range Arms” Reduces the minimal weapon range
o Titan Artillery
- “Short Range Arms” Reduces the minimal weapon range
o Sam Site
- “Short Range Arms” Reduces the minimal weapon range


o Avatar
- “Conversion” turns the dealt damage of enemy vehicles into own health

o Obelisk Artillery
- “Short Range Arms” Reduces the minimal weapon range
o Sam Site
- “Short Range Arms” Reduces the minimal weapon range
o Gatling Cannon
- “Short Range Arms” Reduces the minimal weapon range

Additional Changes
- Added the game rules link to the game: http://www.tiberiumalliances.com/rules
- The short description of unfinished missions will be open by default after login
- Added the “Alliance Progress” tab to alliance rankings. Alliances will be ranked depending on the number of code owning players.
- The “Forgotten Fortress” and all “Shield Control Hubs” are now visible on the world map
- Added a visual active/de-active state for “Point of Interests”

Oct 2012 Changes:

Patchnotes October

The October Update will be all around the long awaited next step of the endgame. If you haven´t already checked our first C&C Tiberium Alliances video podcast, where we are going to explain the individual steps to you, you should go right ahead and check it out.
The October update is introducing the step to obtain several keys from crashed satellites to qualify for settling on one of the shield control hub spots.
Please note: the step to actually attack the Forgotten Fortress will follow with the next update. We are sure you will have a lot of challenging battles and strategies ahead to obtain all needed keys until then.

In addition: We fixed Chrome specific issues. Since the last Google Chrome update, we saw an increase in reports of the Chrome browser crashing/showing massive performance drops. We adjusted part of the code to work around this behavior.
Please see the endgame instructions below for further additional changes within the October update.

End Game
The Forgotten have managed to steal the Tacitus from the GDI’s headquarters and hide it in their mysterious giant pyramid in the center of the world – the land of the Forgotten. Rumors are that the power of the Tacitus enables an alliance to improve their military technologies to a level of pure domination over the world. Nod and GDI are required to unite their firepower and get the Tacitus back in order to stop the Forgotten.

To achieve this goal and obtain the Tacitus, you and your alliance need to go through several steps:

The first one is that you need to retrieve certain keys which will allow you to get access to the shield control hubs defending the Forgotten Fortress. This will be a very important change as you will notice that on certain spots on the map, there are markers indicating that this is a position where in a few days, a satellite will drop down. Those satellites contain keys which will grant you access to the control hubs.

The problem is, when those satellites go down, they leave a crater of destruction, so you better move your bases out of the way before they get smashed. Once it touches down, you have three days to move your base onto that crash site and you need to defend that position for another three days. After that, you will have control over that key, which you´ll need later on for the shield control hub in the center.

Multiple players of your alliance need to gain control of these keys because one key only grants access to the shield hubs for the base which holds it.

The next step - coming soon with the next update!
There are seven shield control hubs and your alliance needs to have control of at least four of them. Each of them again has 8 defending positions. If you collected one key with any of your bases, you are qualified to settle on a defending spot position of an shield control hub. One player can only hold one position at time, at any hub. Once youre alliance have at least four shield control hubs under control, a countdown will start, giving other alliances 10 days to try and attack your bases and to get you away from those control hubs. Once those ten days are through, the shield is going to drop, and that’s where the massive battle versus the Forgotten actually happens.
Now it is up to you to gather all the forces of your alliance to prepare a massive strike against the Forgotten Fortress in the center and to destroy it within an epic battle.

The people holding the position of the control hubs are actually able to participate by lowering the level of that central base, because having access to the control hubs gives them the ability to introduce viruses into the network of the Forgotten which will of course weaken their units and defenses.

So, it all ends in a massive battle, taking down that central uber-base of the Forgotten, where everyone in the whole alliance has to chip in, in order to make sure that, within, well, probably a couple of hours, that base can actually be defeated.

We are adding the following due to your requests and continuously incoming questions.

What happens to you and the world once an alliance achieves the endgame and has beaten the final fortress?

Once an alliance manages to destroy the Forgotten Fortress in the center of the map and actually manages to win the game, the server is not done, and won’t stop. Other alliances may again achieve the goal and win versus the Forgotten.
After destroying the Forgotten Fortress, each player of your alliance will get an Achievement. This Achievement is received globally and visible on each world you’re playing. Please note: if a member joins the alliance after they achieved the server goal, the joining user will not be granted the winner achievement.
It is not possible to claim this achievement as multiple allied alliances; only one alliance at a time can actually win and achieve the goal.
Even if you already got the achievement title, the game is not over: it’s up to you to prevent your enemies from reaching the goal. C&C Tiberium Alliances won’t stop its development and there will be more and more features to be explored in the future.
Again, nothing is lost: you will always be able to achieve the server goal and we won´t close your world.

Other Changes
• Reworked the mission interface to enable a faster overview and access to the missions. The new kind of tracking allows the player to see selected goals permanently on the screen.
• Added new background graphics/victory screens for the end of combat report.
• Added community requested button “return to offense” at the end of combat report

Sept 2012 Changes:

Research New Unit Upgrades

GDI Offense Zone Trooper: Charge
The latest unit upgrade is featuring the Charge ability for the Zone Trooper.
Once the Zone Trooper is under attack, he starts using his jump jet
and is charging forwards until he reaches his focused destination.
Support damage does not trigger the charge ability

GDI Defense Pitbull: Flashbang
The Pitbull is using the Flash bang Upgrade to disable attacking units.

Nod Offense Cobra: Shield
The Cobra is armed with cannons that can only attack ground units. The cannons
are designed to easily pierce medium and heavy tank armor. The Cobra is an
important part of the Nod Support Commander’s arsenal during the early
phases of any battle. The Cobra Shield upgrade gives a much higher armor factor
to the unit and all damage that is dealt will first be subtracted from the shield.

The shield does not count in to the hit points of the unit, so if the shield is
damaged, no attack damage will be reduced as long as the hit points of the
shielded units are at 100%. Once the Shield is destroyed, the Cobra will lose
hit points while under attack.

Nod Defense Beam Cannon: Stealth
The stealthed Nod Defense Beam Cannon enters the combat in “Stealth” mode
and is not attackable. A stealthed unit is invisible for enemy units;
no enemy unit will shoot at them as a direct target. Once the stealthed unit is opening fire on
its main target, the stealth will drop and the unit is again visible for all attacking units.
Note that stealthed defense units and structures are visible to the attacking player during combat preparation.

Move Improvements

Move Overview
Moving a player base could have been very time consuming and confusing when
a lot of other bases, camps and/or outposts were at close quarters. To simplify
the moving process a new moving overview is now available.
All valid moving spots are instantly highlighted when selecting the move mode
of a player base.

Base Moving On Camp/Outpost
A player base can now move on every forgotten camp or outpost. In this case
the camp or outpost simply disappears. It is not allowed to move on a camp/outpost
while they are under attack.

PvP Improvements
A big community concern about the player versus player combats is, that the players aren´t allowed to move their bases for 20 hours after attacking another player base. The move restrictions after attacking a player base were changed so it´s now possible
to move 10 fields around the base which was attacked. This e.g. allows the attacking player to move towards the attacked base while ensuring that the defender could still strike back. Attacking multiple bases will reduce the area into which the attacker can move further. The limitation created by an attacked base is lifted 20 hours after the attack.

Rematerializing defeated bases is now easier
They can now be rematerialized with double range. It´s also possible to rematerialize next to tunnel exits or on camps/outposts.

Report Improvements
The report at the end of every combat has now a new interface with the most important information including the damage states of the three primary buildings, a detailed summary of the defense state of the attacked base and repair costs of your own units.
It´s also possible to directly return to the last attacked target or to the region view, if the target was destroyed with the last combat.

Offense Level Adjustments
On worlds with forgotten boost players armies consisting of expensive units were at a disadvantage since their army level tends to be lower which means that they can only attack relatively low level targets.

The offense level calculation was adjusted to counter this effect. Buying/upgrading the following units will now lead to a slightly higher offense level:

Mammoth, Commando, Juggernaut, Kodiak

Avatar, Command, Specter, Salamander, Confessor
With that change it´s possible to raid higher bases earlier without having your units weakened.
The ranking points for these units were also slightly increased ensuring that the players ranking reflects
the actual strength of the army.

Other Changes
  • Improved several tutorial missions to make them more suitable for beginners.
  • Added warning messages if alliance rights are removed while the player does something what he can only do with the specific right.
  • Added information about how much percent your units will be diminished when attacking a base/camp/outpost with morale.
  • Added a link to the C&C Tiberium Alliances Facebook page right next to the “Options” link.
  • The “Relocate Player” button can now be found on the world map overview.
  • Changed the behavior of the “Storage full in” display. It will now show the base in which the first resource storage is full.

August 2012 Changes:

After a couple of months the first strong Alliances make their way deeper and deeper into the middle of the World centers
and are fighting for pure domination against others and the Forgotten, but why are we all fighting each other, and why does
the Forgotten become so much stronger as deeper as we get into the core of the zone? It is now time to find out what´s behind
all this, as we bring you today, the real reason and the truth for your conflict, and the one and only way to win this war!

Please note - the endgame is not yet active - the changes will going to be activated with one of the upcomingpatches.

Introducing the C&C Tiberium Alliances endgame
The Forgotten have managed to steal the Tacitus from the GDI’s headquarter and hide it in their unknown giant pyramid
in the center of the world – the land of the Forgotten. Rumors are that the power of the Tacitus enables an alliance to
improve their military technologies to a level of pure domination over the world. Nod and GDI are required to unite their firepower
and get the Tacitus back in order to stop the Forgotten.

The goal is to conquer and hold at least four of seven strategic positions as an alliance to deactivate the safety shield of the Forgotten pyramid.
This is going to be a large base that has to be defeated to get access into the tower and obtain the Tacitus.
The endgame compromises 3 phases to win the world.

The first phase starts as soon as the first player reaches the level 38 base radius of the world. From now on, server farms
will spawn at random positions within the radius. Satellite tracking will briefly uncover the positions of the farms. They contain
code fragments that are needed to be downloaded at the seven well-defended network Control Hubs.

Once this intelligence is secured, an alliance is required to capture these Control Hubs. Every Control Hub is surrounded
by eight strong bases that must be defeated and occupied by a player. An alliance that controls 4 of 7 Control Hubs, initiates a countdown of 10 days.

At its conclusion of the countdown, the fortress that guards the Tacitus will be revealed – the strongest base of
the game is now attackable. The key to success is to get as many members as possible simultaneously online who
activate their Control Hubs to weaken the base. Once it is defeated, the alliance is able to claim the Tacitus and wins the world by pure domination.

We add the following due to your requests and continuously upcoming questions.

What happens to you and the world once an Alliance achieved the endgame and has beaten the final fortress?

Once an Alliance managed to destroy the Forgotten fortress in the center of the map and actually achieved to win the game, the server is not done, and won’t stop. Even other Alliances may again achieve the goal and win versus the Forgotten.

After destroying the Forgotten Fortress, each player of your Alliance will get an Achievement, this Achievement is taken globally and visible on each world you’re playing. Please note, if a member is joining the Alliance after they achieved the server goal, the joining user will not be granted with a winner achievement.

It is not possible to claim this achievement as multiple allied Alliances, only one Alliance at a time can actually win and achieve the goal. Allies attention, if there are multiple Alliances and Allies out there, it’s your turn to support each other to achieve the goal!
Even if you already achieved the title the game is not at its end, it’s upon you to prevent your enemies to reach the goal. C&C Tiberium Alliances won’t stop its development of course so there will be more and more features to be explored from time to time.

Again, nothing is lost; you will always be able to achieve the server goal.

A new take on PvP

In terms of todays announced endgame of Tiberium Alliances, we are also about to introduce changes to the overall
player versus player experience. We were listening to the concerns and requests of our community during the last months
a lot and have seen the requests to encounter PvP exploits and shape PvP more dynamic and flexible. With today´s changes
we are about to overhaul the current system as it is now, and turn it into a quite wider PvP experience. Read the full changes below.

Ruins connected to bases
As you couldn´t do anything to get rid of an enemy ruin and its territory claim, people exploited this by killing their own Alliances
bases to create and secure an un-claimable territory.

From now on, a ruin belongs to the base that destroyed it. One Base can have multiple ruins connected to it.
If the base gets destroyed, the connected ruins with all the claimed territory will vanish.

Ghost move exploit
There were several players who were able to cover great distances in the world by destroying each other and moving their bases afterwards.
It was also very hard for weak players to defeat a stronger player because he just rematerialized and fought back without having a real downside.

To fix those problems, the base recovery timer of defeated bases is now set to 24 hours. During this time the base gets no alliance bonus
and is not allowed to attack other player bases. If the base gets destroyed again during this time, another 24 hours
will be added to the base recovery timer. If the timer is higher than 72 hours, the base cannot be re-materialized until
the timer falls below 72 hours. The timer starts to count down as soon as the base gets destroyed.

Defense auto-repair / support
It was possible to alert player bases of your own alliance for 24 hours, making them effectively un-attackable for other players by doing mini attacks with one or few units.
Because of this exploit the whole player versus player gameplay could become very static. Also if one player failed with his attack the whole alliance had to wait 24 hours
before someone else could attack the target base without facing enemy support.

To make the gameplay more dynamic the defense army and structures of every player base will repair itself automatically by 5% every minute.
It makes no difference if there is only one building/unit damaged or the whole defense area. It will take a maximum of 20 minutes to repair all of them.
The defense auto-repair won´t cost any resources.
The alert time now depends on the damage state of the defense. As soon as the defense is fully repaired, the base will no longer be alerted.
Because of the hardly reduced repair time of the defense area, the repair time of base buildings was slightly increased.

Other Changes:

Base Navigation bar
-We reworked the base navigation and added new functionality to make the handling of the bases more comfortable.
Different states of your base like package or storage full, base is damaged or destroyed and others are displayed on every base button of the navigation bar.

Post Combat Flow
-We reworked the combat preparation to improve the post combat flow. As the “Reset formation” button was not really useful, it got replaced by the “Repair all” button.
The player is now able to repair his army at the end of a combat and attack straight afterwards without going back to his offense view.
It now is also possible to setup your army for the next attack while the current combat is running.

- Fixed bug with defense auto-repair of forgotten bases.
- Resources costs of Nod Wall decreased to match them to GDI Wall costs
- Hitpoints of Defense Guardian slightly increased

June 2012 Changes:

Patchnotes June 2012

World Map
We added the first step of the world map to the game. It is now possible to see the location and coordinates of your bases in the world.
Step two and three with extended functionality will be added through upcoming patches.

Holiday Substitution
Players are now able to request a substitute for a limited amount of time. The substitute can access the players account
and is able to play on a specific world with restricted rights. E.g. the substitute will be able to chat, mail and post in forums,
buy or sell buildings and units or research new technologies. Attacking other players, initiating player relocation or changing
alliance rights is not possible.
Note: Be careful who you grant access to your account via the holiday substitution. We cannot guarantee support if a substitute is abusing his privileges.

Expanded Combat options
After massive community requests we are going to introduce the option to exclude specific units from your army during combats.
It is now possible to disable units and prevent them to take part at a combat. Experienced players may be more flexible in the adjustment
of their frontlines and reduce the needed repair time when using ingenious preparation. Since the repair time was on a good level, we are
going to increase the repair time among 15% to keep the balance.

Balancing Changes
Nod Avatar: slightly increased life, damage and ammunition
Nod Attack Bike (offense): slightly increased damage vs. infantry, structures and ammunition
Nod Attack Bike (defense): ammo, damage vs. infantry and air slightly increased
GDI Firehawk: ammo slightly decreased

- Fixed the bug that players did not receive Research Points when attacking a Nod player. The Research Points will now be granted
when damaging and/or destroying defense units and/or buildings from a Nod base.
- For some players activating WebGL produced a black screen when logging in. This should no longer occur.
- Fixed a bug in the calculation of the Plunder Limit for PvP combats which caused player to get too few resources. You will now be able again to plunder resources from player bases
depending on your offense level. The higher your offense level, the more resources you are able to plunder.



There are three different units for each faction which can be upgraded once to get a special ability.

GDI (Disable):
The upgradable GDI units are Riflemen, Pitbull and Orca.
Each of the three units can disable an enemy unit in combat temporarily for a short amount of time.
While a unit is disabled it cannot shoot.
After disabling a unit there is a cooldown. When the cooldown is over another unit in range can be disabled.
When a base with a much higher level than your own gets attacked, the duration of the disabling effect gets reduced.

Nod (Stealth):
The upgradable Nod units are Militants, Specter and Commando.
Each of the units enters combat in stealth mode.
The stealth mode is active until an enemy unit gets attacked.

Added additional information to the tooltip of all base buildings. Production buildings now show the production/h of each building. Non-production buildings show the most important information. (e.g. Barracks shows the Infantry Repair Time for the current level)
Ranking points of Nod buildings readjusted to match the ranking points of the equivalent GDI buildings. As a result of that GDI players will climb up and Nod players will fall down a bit in the ranking overview.
This behavior is intended as Nod players were rated too high until now.
Added a button to disable the auto-scrolling in combat

Balancing changes:
Nod, Def Militant Rocket Soldier: reduced damage vs. vehicles analogical to Militant Rocket Soldier

Nod, Vertigo: slightly reduced ammo

Nod, Salamander:
*Stops only for structures
*Increased damage vs. structures
*Increased ammo in base-area
*Slightly reduced health

May 2012 Changes:

Late Patch notes

• Nod Unit - Rocket Soldier: Significantly reduced the damage output against vehicles
• Nod Unit - Venom: No longer stops to attack targets. Increased damage output vs. infantry and vehicles.
• Fixed a bug which had the Forgotten Bases regenerating too slowly.


New features:

- Nod is available as a player faction on the reopened Closed Beta Servers
Please note, that is not possible to switch from GDI to Nod. You have to make a fresh game on a CB-server, starting by Lvl 1.
- Point of Interests now provide their boosts
Note that the unboosted resource production and combat strength is reduced compared to before the patch, but the boost can be about twice as strong as the reduction.

General balancing adjustments:
• Obstacles in the defense area (wood, oil slicks, etc.) now slow down units by 50% (used to be 25%)
• Forgotten bases are more challenging to take out: They repair themselves significantly faster: Now it takes only 1 hour for an almost completely destroyed Forgotten base to repair all its damage.
• Introduced a limit on how much plunder one can get when attacking another player. The limit depends on the army level of the attacker. This is to stop the exploit, where players sell everything in their base and “give” the resources to a friendly player.
• Change in target prioritization for offense units: Attacking the defense units in front of an offense unit have now a higher priority than defense units left/right or behind the offense unit. (Doesn’t overwrite the preference for primary targets. E.g. a Guardian still attacks an infantry unit to its left when blocked by a vehicle.)
• All offense units need slightly more repair time, encouraging the use of armies from multiple bases slightly earlier.

Forgotten Balancing:
• SAM Site
Decreased damage VS air
• Scooper
Decreased life and damage
No damage VS air
Spawns more often and at camp lvl 11 and higher
• Reaper Artillery
Decreased damage VS vehicles and air
• Demolisher Artillery
Decreased damage VS infantry
• Movement of all units decreased

New units:
• Forgotten Sniper
Medium ranged infantry, good against infantry
Spawns in bases 17+, Outposts 19+ and Camps 22+
• Forgotten Mammoth
Strong vehicle, good against vehicles
Spawns in bases 18+, Outposts 20+ and Camps 23+

Balancing Offense:
• Zone Trooper
Increased life
Increased damage VS vehicles and walls
• Firehawk
Decreased ammo

Balancing Defense:
• Zone Trooper
Increased life
Increased damage VS vehicles and air
• MG Nest
Decreased damage VS vehicles
Deals Crossover-damage to vehicles
• Sniper
Decreased damage
Increased range from 2.5 to 3.5
• Flak
Increased damage VS air
• Watchtower
Increased damage VS infantry
Decreased damage VS vehicles and air
• Titan Artillery
Decreased damage VS infantry
• SAM Site
Decreased damage VS air

April 2012 Changes:

Patchnotes 04.04.2012
  • Headlines
  • Relocating of bases reworked – it no longer costs command points
  • Resource system reworked to allow for more efficient patterns – it is recommend to try rearranging your buildings for higher efficiency (moving buildings does not cost anything as packages production does no longer get disturbed by moving)
  • Base level system reworked, impacts territory claim and Forgotten camp/outpost spawning
  • Balancing changes
  • Skystrike support weapon now also hits air targets
  • Firehawks now deal the correct amount of damage to buildings in the last line of the bases (used to be too little)
  • Kodiak now deals more damage against structures, hit points and ammunition have been increased
  • Camps of lvl 1-9 have less hit points
  • Replays from before the patch can no longer be replayed
  • “Collect all packages” button added
  • Players can relocate ALL their bases at once to a new sector
  • Keyboard shortcuts added


    Relocating of bases reworked
    Relocating bases is now easier, cheaper and faster. Relocating a base no longer costs command points. While the move itself is free, the moved base will be in a cool-down after the move. The duration is depending on the distance moved and the level of the base. During the cool-down a base
    - is not able to move again
    - has a reduced resource production
    There is a second mechanism preventing players from running away immediately after having attacked another player: After an attack on a player, the attacking base is in move-lockdown for a fixed period of time. During this period the base remains fully functional, but it is not able to move.

    Resource system reworked
    The new system allows more variety in how to optimize your base towards different goals (e.g. towards more power production or towards more crystal production).
    Accumulators still boost power plants, silos still boost harvesters and power plants still boost refineries. But now the package sizes are increased by leveling up the production building (harvester, power plant, refinery) while the boosts provided by other buildings (by silos, accumulators, power plants) increase the continuous production. This ensures that moving a building no longer disturbs the package production and that the boosts become more important.
    If your base is one of those with a lower overall resource output after the update, consider rearranging your buildings and selling producing buildings for additional boosting buildings.
    If you lack resources to do an upgrade, the displayed time until enough resources are available is now more precise since it considers collectible resource packages, too. It shows the earliest point in time at which the base has enough resources.

    Base level system reworked
  • The base level is now taking into account the level of all buildings in the base (all buildings count equally)
  • This level impacts the strength of the territory claim and the cool down after a relocation of the base
  • Bases are now able to move as soon as they reach lvl 7
  • In addition to the base level we now also have a defense and an offense level
  • Offense and defense units as well as defense structures count towards these levels according to their amount of offense/defense points (upgrading a Mammoth Tank will impact the offense level more than upgrading a Rifleman Squad)
  • The offense level of a base impacts the level of the Forgotten camps and outpost spawning in it vicinity. Camps spawn at -1 to +3 of your offence level (used to be -2/+2 of the command center or offense level). Outposts start to spawn as soon as the offence level of bases next to it are 3 levels below the level of the tunnel exit or higher (used to be 2 levels below or higher).

    Relocate player
  • A player can relocate all his bases to a new sector (e.g. in case that he is trapped in an unpromising situation). To do that he has to go to the options dialogue on the lower right of the screen. The “Relocate Player” button is found on the “Game Settings” tab. It allows the player to pick a new sector for his bases. The system will then automatically pick a new position for his bases in the chosen sector.

    Keyboard Shortcuts
    || Key || Feature || Window ||
    | Arrow Keys | move region map | Region |
    | q | switch to base view | Base |
    | w | switch to defense view | Base |
    | e | switch to army view | Base |
    | a | toggle repair mode | Base |
    | s | toggle move mode | Base |
    | d | toggle upgrade mode | Base |
    | f | toggle sell mode | Base |
    | y | toggle repair all | Base |
    | t | open trade window | Base |
    | c | collect all packages | Base |
    | arrow left | next city | Base |
    | arrow right | prev city | Base |
Patchnotes 19.04.2012
  • Added Alliance chat including an officer channel and whisper functionality
  • When looking at a bases defense area, the positions of key buildings from the resource area are indicated by markers at the top of the screen
  • Removed a potential deadlock: After a defeated base gets redeployed the player now receives new starting resources (45 Tiberium, 10 Crystals and 10 Power). Level 1 harvesters no longer cost any resources
  • The building detail view explaining a buildings functions, bonuses, upgrade costs etc. has been reworked to make the information easier readable (the change only affects the way the information is presented, not the functionality or efficiency of buildings).
o Attack rules were adjusted to counter some exploits and to remove unnecessary wait times.
- During Combat and up to 60 seconds after the combat the defending player is not able to:
- repair the base and defense
- upgrade the base or single buildings
- move the base or single buildings
  • During the first 30 seconds after an attack, the attacked target is only attackable for the attacker and his alliance. This is to prevent anybody but your alliance members from interrupting your attacks and finishing the already damaged base.
    This applies to all kinds of bases, player bases as well as Forgotten bases, camps and outposts.
  • When attacking a Forgotten Camp/Outpost the combat timer will reset immediately once the combat is done. It is no longer needed to wait for the whole 120 seconds when the attack only last for e.g. 70 seconds.
New Points of Interest (POI)
Beside the existing “Tunnel Exits” of the Forgotten, seven new types of “Points of Interest” will be added.
• The game update of April 24th reveals the LOCATIONS of those new Points of Interest
• The new Points of Interest themselves will NOT BE ACTIVE until a game update in May
• This will enable all alliances to plan accordingly and consider new targets

• The seven new types of POI are spread all over the territory of the Forgotten
• As long as a POI belongs to the territory of an alliance, it will help to boost all alliance members by the same amount (after activation in May)
• The different POI will boost tiberium, crystal and power production, attack strength of offensive units and durability of defensive units.
• The current values of the resource production and combat strength will be reduced (after activation in May), but the boost can be about twice as strong as the reduction.
• Resource production and combat values which cannot be boosted (e.g. credit production) remain unchanged.
• POI get significantly stronger towards the center of the world

New Types of Points of Interest:
• Uranium Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking infantry unit of all alliance members.
• Tungsten Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking vehicle of all alliance members.
• Aircraft Guidance Network tower: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking aircraft unit of all alliance members.
• Resonator Network Tower: Increases the durability of all defending units of all alliance members
• Tiberium Control Network Hub: Adds an additional fixed amount of tiberium production per hour to each base of the alliance
• Crystal Control Network Hub: Adds an additional fixed amount of crystal production per hour to each base of the alliance
• Reactor – Adds an additional fixed amount of power production per hour to each base of the alliance

Bonus functionality:
• Each new POI has a score value, which depends on its level.
• As soon as a POI, e.g. Tungsten Compound, is within the alliance territory, the score value of it will be added to the total score for that type of POI owned by the alliance.
• Each alliance has seven total scores for the new POI, one for each type.
• As soon as a total score is above 0, a bonus will apply to all alliance members, e.g. as soon as the first Tungsten Compound is occupied, each alliance member gets increased vehicle damage while attacking.
• The bonus will increase step by step as soon as the total score reaches a specific amount.

Bonus multipliers by “Points of Interest”-rankings:
• An additional significant bonus multiplier is granted to alliances depending on each individual total score in comparison to other alliances.
• There are 7 individual ranking categories for each of the 7 new types of POI.
• Each alliance ranked between #1 and #40 in any of those categories will receive an additional bonus multiplier for that category.
• The bonus multiplier is +100% for rank #1 (= doubles the bonus), +90% for rank #2 and reduces to +1% for rank #40.
• While an alliance may be rank #1 for “Tungsten Compound” POI, it may be #10 for “Tiberium Control Network Hub”. Each bonus multiplier is separate.

March 2012 Changes:

Patchnotes 09.03.2012

  • “Max 5 units in a row” limitation removed
  • Chrome browser now supported
  • WegGL rendering is now available via the options. It can significantly improve the frame rate on browsers which do not use hardware acceleration for html5. This mode is still experimental.
  • The maximum storage capacity for repair time can be increased by spending funds.

  • Tiberium and Crystal camps now on average drop the same amount of resources in total
  • Scrap Bus: reduced damage versus vehicles
  • Rocket Fist: reduced damage versus air
  • Buster: reduced damage versus infantry

Feb 2012 Changes:

  • On some computers combat occasionally froze for multiple seconds or even completely. This should no longer occur.
  • Fighting the Forgotten got easier (less defense, slightly less buildings) even on lower levels. The reward per building was increased so raiding still provides the same amount of rewards.
  • The player score calculation for the rankings was adjusted, putting more weight on the base area itself. Defense area/base area/offense are now weighted 1/2/3.
  • Mission rewards were increased
  • Missile Squad: 25% more damage against structures (offense), 25% more against air (defense)
  • Faster progress through functional buildings in Forgotten bases
  • Factory and Barracks now changed positions in the build menu and also in the tech-tree. The tutorial now starts with guardians and research of Pitbull
  • Research cost for “Guardian Cannon” was increased (360k to 470k Research Points)
  • UI was reskinned to match GDI colors
  • Tutorial was reworked. Hints were added that are shown depending on the current situation of the player
  • A confirmation box was added to research
  • Supply Crates can not only be gained through raiding, but also be bought for Play4Free funds. The overall use of Supply Crates is limited through supply points, though.
  • Player ranks: Players gain military ranks by increasing their score. The size of the supply crates is tied the players rank.
  • Storage capacity for command points and repair time can be increase using Play4Free funds.
    --Defense HQ: It is now possible to gain extra command points and resources from raiding Forgotten camps. Every now and then camps and outposts will be marked as special targets for a limited time. If the player manages to destroy the Defense HQ of such a marked camp, he receives a supply crate with extra command points or an extra-large drop of a resource.
    Note: It will take a few hours for these special targets to appear after the deployment of this patch.
    Note: Each player gets marked camps matching his bases. The marks are not visible to other players. A mark will not disappear if another player destroys such a camp, it will just move to a different camp.
    --Defense Facility: This building now mirrors the corresponding player building - it handles the automatic repairing of defense structures and units. A damaged defense facility means less automatic repair.
    --The repair system got reworked to speed up repair of mixed armies compared to single type armies.
    The old system favored armies of only one unit type (e.g. pure vehicle armies). Now barracks, factory and airfield are able to repair units in parallel.
    While single type armies are now harder to repair, armies of two unit types should be slightly easier, with 3 types noticeably easier to repair.
    Like in the old system, units get harder to repair with each level increase. Thus it is still recommended to use multiple bases/armies for raiding to ensure that one can make full use of all command points.

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