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Game nights

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A discussion on GameReplays made me remember an idea I've had... Since we all love C&C, but many of the forum members haven't played the games for a long while, I thought we'd meet up in a certain C&C game (or games, if we'd so choose) as a group and just play, chat and have a good time. No obligatory rules and no real tournament participation, no fear of uberpros stomping you in 3 minutes, just fun.


If the idea of organized KW game nights succeeds, we can join that, or we can organize something completely separate. Would you join such an event?

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I fully support the idea but I never commit to them. Mostly due to the problem of time zones and everyone is spread out across them.

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That can be arranged. If we'd go for our own events, we can easily make a deal on a time that's good for most (hopefully all), or alternate (e.g. one time at 12:00 GMT, another at 22:00 GMT etc.) so that everyone gets a slice of the experience.

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