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Megadeth: Dystopia (released January 2016) plus other great music

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I like Dave Mustaine's perspective on modern metal bands: he says that many new bands can't play solos and they all detune (usually to drop c). Dave's advice for today's wanna-be musicians is that they should go to a music store and pick up some beginner's books! I can't recall those exact interview sources but I remember it well, and I've seen what he talks about, first-hand at local gigs. To discover what's wrong with a lot of music today, we need only look back a few decades.

Most of the songs that I like have solos, they have good lead parts throughout, and sudden transitions. Half of the point of metal is those strange transitions that "jump out" at the listener, it sets metal apart from a lot of blues and classical songs, some of which are consistent in tempo. It disappoints me when I hear "metal" that goes on for too long without any drastic changes. Especially terrible is vocals that drag on, or vocals that aren't intelligently structured around riffs.

Here's the track list for Dystopia:

1. "The Threat Is Real" (short solo video

2. "Dystopia" (short solo video
3. "Fatal Illusion"
4. "Death from Within"
5. "Bullet to the Brain"
6. "Post American World"
7. "Poisonous Shadows"
8. "Conquer or Die!" (Instrumental -
hear the intro here, minus cool harmonics on the end
9. "Lying in State"
10. "The Emperor" (I'm sure this is meant to be a song about Obama)
really it should be The Emperor's New Clothes but long names are not cool these days!
11. "Foreign Policy" (Fear cover)

See also: Megadeth history on Wikipedia, especially 2009 onward: Endgame was pretty good, Thirteen had some old songs that were finally published, Supercollider received many negative reviews, and now Dystopia makes up for the suck. Megadeth also has their own history page with more detail than you'd ever need.

Another thing worth checking out is
by Judas Priest (one really long track from 1976). This song is pretty consistent with its rhythm but it's exceptionally well structured. The
for No More Tears is worth watching if you've never seen it.

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