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James Gunn Xbox Controller Facebook post

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There was a great story about James Gunn and his custom paintjob for his xbox controller. It looks boring to me but I liked his post...



Check out my awesome new XBox controller in the colors of the Milano, and then the pic Xbox tweeted to me after I posted it. So cool.


And, also, as a preventive measure, please refrain from telling me I suck because I use XBox over PlayStation and, also, if people don't refrain from doing this, everyone else please refrain from telling PlayStation players their mothers should die because they play PlayStation, and turning this into an all-out XBox vs PlayStation thread like what happens every time I post something video-platform related because, in short, I DON'T GIVE A ****. Honestly. I own an XBox and a Vive and I don't think I've even touched a PlayStation for ten years. Isn't there something more important you can get all riled up about?

I mean, it sucks, but I understand, when people are getting all Hillary vs. Trump around here, because at least those choices are something that affect our world. And I really hate when people who don't believe in God start mocking those who do, or vice versa, but at least that's an important part of our lives.


But the topics that really get people crazy online? XBox vs PlayStation?! Marvel vs. DC?! Ghostbusters Good vs. Ghostbusters Anti-Christ?! Are you ****ing kidding me?! Please please please grow up.


Except those of you who are 12 or 13, who also read this page. Don't you guys grow up. I mean, grow up. But do so at a regular rate. And sorry for cursing.

And sorry to have accidentally just turned this into a rant, when I just wanted you to see my cool thing. I'm gonna blame the people from the future who were going to complain about XBox in the comments below.


Oh, and one addendum: if cursing people online about their gaming preference is the only thing keeping you from leaving your basement and killing someone, please continue to curse at people online about their gaming preference. You can even use me in the thread below.


I know I'm sending mixed messages, but now every time someone says I suck below I can pretend I'm a hero who just saved a life.


Have a great day!





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