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Yuri's Revenge in Windows 10 (TFD Edition) CD/DVD Error

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I've seen and applied the Red Alert 2 Windows 10 fixes regarding the graphics issue, and was able to play through both RA2 campaigns fully (thanks!), but with Yuri's Revenge, I'm not even getting into the game for it to crash. When running it (from the launcher or directly, it doesn't seem to matter), it gives me the splash screen, then tells me it cannot locate the CD/DVD rom, even though I hear my DVD going nuts for a second, reading rapidly. For a lot of games, this is just a quick registry fix, but I couldn't find an entry for C&C, Red Alert, Yuri, or even Westwood, so I guess it's all self-contained. I also couldn't find a reference to the DVD ROM in any of the cfg or ini files... So I'm tapped out of ideas about how to fix this. I was even willing *shudder* to stoop to a No CD patch if ABSOLUTELY necessary... but most of those links are dead anymore, given the age of the game, and the rest apply to the old YR, and won't work on TFD.

​I'm going for my annual trip down nostalgia lane, and have worked my way up this far, and want to finish YR before I dive into Generals and Zero Hour. Please help! Normally, I'd post specs, but that's not really pertinent to the issue here, other than to say I'm on Windows 10, and running x64.

​Thanks in advance for any help offered!


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