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Wonder Woman

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Saw Wonder Women on the weekend. Had a lot of fun with Gal. She's okay, she's no Meagan Gale, but she's okay.

Really enjoyed the no-mans-land scene, glad I didn't watch any trailers to get that spoiled. Loved all the quick-time stuff... but oh boy the cgi fights are still horrendous!!! I just don't get it, DC, why is the CGI consistently so bad in your movies???

But to be fair, you could probably walk out of the cinema after no-mans-land and celebration... and not really miss that much more.



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Just gonna cut and paste this from what I typed in the chat box on the main page to make it a little more on record about this:

Funny fact about that movie. There were complaints about her armpits in certain scenes in the trailers apparently. Geeky comic book snowflakes were prepared to pan the movie for the simple reason you could see her pits were shaved and not as tanned as the rest of her body, and threatened canonical wonder woman... Go Figure!
Warner Bros had to literally had to go back through all the scenes and digitally correct the colour of her armpits and remove so-called unsightly stubble, cos god forbid the DC community pan the movie over the fact an actress has to be a normal woman behind the character.
Yet according to IMDB there are 14 different goofs in that move.. Mostly continuity errors. I've not heard the same people pipe up and get outraged about them... People are weird.

As for my general opinion, I probably will not go and see it. When it comes to DC, I'm more interested in the Batman films as that's what I largely grew up with... I own them all bar Batman Vs Superman. Still on the fence about adding that one to my collection.

That said I do have a large interest in the Justice League movie if they can get it right. As for Affleck's solo effort.. I'm still waiting to reserve judgement on him as the Batman. Since Argo and Gone Girl, he's matured considerably as an Actor.. But I don't think anyone will beat the masterpiece which was The Dark Knight.

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