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Quad Shredder fx bug

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So this bug is there for nearly decade and I think it about time I fix it

Quad Shredder on Damaged condition will always show shooting fx on the left cannon.

I suspect that it relate to the NBDHUB_QS_D1_SKN (which weirdly enough have bigger scale than all the other models)

There's probably a way to turn it off with either the object xml or in the w3x file itself but I don't sure how or where, can someone help me out here? I prefer to fix it rather than just replace the model to the Really damaged one.




I Included the untouched 1.02 xml and w3x filexml and model.rar


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So after looking more deeply into the model I found it pretty much broken, EA made damage animations for all quad turrets but didn't used them as they make the entire model to break apart, the shredder's quad turret didn't even used it correct buildup animation and used some half assed animation instead.

I used the normal model of the shredder and just gave it damaged skins for damaged and really damaged conditions and it look pretty much the same but less broken, also fixed their buildup animation. 


I found yet another bug with all quad turrets that still was in the unmodded game, the bug cause all quad turrets to stop moving at all while still being able to shoot (which look broken), the way to trigger it is really random, I think I know the steps to trigger it  but either way have no clue what causing it and how to prevent it from happening, the quads models are really broken as hell and with these kinds of bugs and missing animations I won't be surprised if they really are causing DCs.

Last thing to note, it seem that when this bug is triggered the shredders will show their shooting fx again on damaged and really damaged conditions but in more annoying way, I don't even sure how it relate but it really mess up.

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