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Community Patch Spotlight: Red Alert 3 v1.12.6

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PATCH v1.12.6
by Chris880

Here at CNCNZ.com, we value community contributions, particularly those which improve existing games. Thus, we support unofficial patches by the community.

The Red Alert 3 1.12.6 patch was made and tested by Chris880 with the help of GameReplays' Red Alert 3 staff. This patch was made mainly in order to fix bugs and improve performance of the game. It is distributed in the form of map packs that have the changes (seen below) applied, and run on top of the regular 1.12 version to enable quick switching back and forth without having to leave the game. In CNCNZ.com game nights, this will be the selected patch for multiplayer (unless mods are used).

An important warning: these maps do not transfer in the multiplayer lobby, meaning that all players need to download and install the map packs manually.

Below are the links to the latest build, as well as the full changelog.


Download link

Original thread


Installation instructions

The map packs installed through the installer, to the Red Alert 3 directory. To uninstall them, simply delete that folder.


v1.12.6 changelog

  1. Fixed a bug where the Wave-Force Tower displays Defender-VX debris when destroyed on water.
  2. Fixed Empire and Allied Tech lights. (Credits to the Chinese modding community)
  3. Fixed a bug where frozen tanks can still crush infantry when they get too close.
  4. Fixed a bug where Tesla Coils do not fire at all sometimes.
  5. Fixed a bug where Bears could kill burrowed Tankbusters.
  6. Fixed a bug where Terror Drones sometimes do not damage infected units.
  7. Fixed a graphical bug where Defense Bureaus do not display proper debris when destroyed over water.
  8. Fixed a graphical bug where Flak Cannons, Defender-VX, and Wave-Force Towers rotate their turrets before finishing unpacking.
  9. Fixed a bug where Terror Drones disable the Athena Cannon's shield.
  10. Fixed a bug where Multigunner Turrets, Sentry Gun, Wave-Force Towers, Spectrum Towers, and Defender-VX can still fire while being sold.
  11. Fixed a bug where units were unable to attack certain wall segments, unless you destroy the segment next to it.
  12. Fixed a graphical bug where the Soviet Airfield displays its yellow light animations before finishing unpacking.
  13. Fixed a bug where MiG, Striker-VX, and IFV AA missiles do not damage an Assault Destroyer using a Black Hole Armor.
  14. Fixed a bug where Outposts provide build radius before finishing unpacking (Special thanks to PDZ of the Chinese modding community)
  15. Fixed Oil Derrick and Dry Dock animations. (Credits to TX1138)
  16. Fixed Empire EVA when capturing Oil Derricks and Observation Posts. (Credits to TX1138)
  17. Fixed Soviet Tesla Trooper's behavior when charging Tesla Coils.
  18. Fixed a bug where infected Nanocores can still unpack.
  19. Fixed a bug where Terror Drones disable the Assault Destroyer's Black Hole Armor.
  20. Fixed a bug where IFV missiles do not damage Tengus/VX or any aircraft that are landing on the ground.
  21. Fixed a bug where units that are stunned by a Terror Drone, paralyzed by a Rocket Angel, or affected by an EMP missile, can still crush units when they get too close.
  22. Fixed a bug where shrunk MCVs can crush other units. (Banned exploit)
  23. Fixed double shrink bug. (This means that if you shrink a unit with the normal shrink ray, and then you get the High Technology upgrade, you will be able to shrink a unit that is already under the effect of the normal shrink ray, however it will have no effect. This only has to happen once.)
  24. Fixed a bug where the Guardian Tanks' target painters can stack their effect. (From now on, the target painter that is pointed first will take effect, and the second painter is nullified.)
  25. Fixed a bug where Assault Destroyers do not absorb Tanya's fire.
  26. Applied a fix that will prevent Subs and ships from getting stuck on shores on Infinity Isle. (This bug seems to occur most frequently on this map, hence this map was the first chosen to have this fix.)
  27. Fixed a graphical bug where the Cryocopter's shrink ray can make units visually bright.
  28. Fixed a bug where Tanya's and Natasha's weapons do not damage the Assault Destroyer when they are absorbed. (The damage dealt is minimal.)
  29. Fixed a bug where the Assault Destroyer's Black Hole Armor can absorb the Proton Collider's fire.

v1.12.5 changelog

  1. Fixed a bug where MiGs and Apollos can fire at enemy units while they are landed in an Airbase.
  2. Fixed a bug where Natasha can pilot-snipe units while she is inside a transport.
  3. Fixed a bug where units can use their secondary in buildings.
  4. Fixed a bug where Tankbusters can fire out of Sudden Transports. (Banned exploit)
  5. Fixed a visual bug where a Mirage Tank still displays its Gap Generator bubble while carried by a Twinblade.
  6. Fixed a bug where Allied Engineers can move while they have their Medical Tents unpacked.
  7. Fixed a bug where Tankbusters can fire while burrowed. (Similar fix to infantry using their secondary in buildings)
  8. Fixed a bug where Soviet Engineers can attack structures with their pistols.
  9. Fixed a 1.12.4-related bug, where units automatically engage walls (without being on agressive stance).
  10. Soviet Refinery no longer displays its glow/smoke effects before it has finished construction.
  11. Fixed a bug where Yari Mini-Subs have a higher rate of fire when targeting bridges.
  12. Fixed a bug where Dreadnoughts, Shogun Battleships, and Aircraft Carriers cannot fire directly after being built.
  13. Fixed the red lights for the Soviet Barracks while it's under construction. (The lights no longer appear while the building is being built) (Credits to TX1138)
  14. Fixed Defender-VX and Wave-Force Tower turret rotation while unpacking. (Credits to TX1138)
  15. Fixed Spectrum Tower's passive ability. (Credits to TX1138)
  16. Fixed a graphical bug where Sea-Wings display flame effects while underwater.
  17. Fixed odd V4 pre-fire graphical behaviour. (Credits to TX1138)
  18. Fixed a 1.12.4-related bug where the Proton Collider deals more damage.
  19. Tengus can no longer drop on walls. This will later be applied for all the other buildings in the next version.


v1.12.4 changelog

  1. Fixed a bug where the Prospector would not collect Ore after a Refinery finished deploying.
  2. Fixed a bug where newly built Vindicators cannot drop bombs 5-6 seconds after being built.
  3. A graphical bug where Super Reactors and Soviet Refineries would lose their smoke/glow effects when they enter yellow health is now fixed.
  4. Fixed Spectrum Tower deployment animation.
  5. Fixed a bug where Wave-Force Towers can fire their first shot without charging up.
  6. Fixed a bug where you can place War Factories, Barracks, and Naval Yards directly behind each other (without leaving some space for their initial rally point).
  7. Fixed a bug where frozen Tankbusters can still burrow/unburrow from the ground.
  8. Fixed a bug where Striker-VXs, Javelins, and MiGs would not fire a missile which will finish their target.
  9. Fixed a graphical bug where Imperial Warriors would not bleed while in Banzai Charge mode.
  10. Fixed a graphical bug where the platform for the Allied Airbase (on water) would not appear until the structure finished deploying. Now the platform has a fixed deployment animation that plays directly upon placement of their Airfield.
  11. Fixed a bug where Tengus and Striker-VXs can transform to aircraft models while being dragged by a magnetic Harpoon.
  12. The graphical bug where Apollo fighters would lose their yellow trail when moving after the player purchases Advanced Aeronautics is now fixed.
  13. Fixed a bug where Dolphins could damage land units and structures
  14. Removed production bars for the Soviet Battle Lab and Naval Yard
  15. Fixed a graphical bug where the ice texture for Cryoblast and Cryogeddon would disappear before the cryo beam stops firing.
  16. Fixed an exploit that allowed players to crash the game.


v1.12.6 graphical changes

  1. Removed a good number of particles from the Soviet, Allied, and Empire Power Plant destruction.
  2. Removed fire/smoke trails that were attached to the debris of the Power Plants, including the Super Reactor as well.
  3. Removed the explosion effect for the Soviet and Allied War Factories (changed back to their usual smoke effect)
  4. Removed the big flame effects displayed on Super Reactors when critically damaged (restored to original effects)
  5. Removed mushroom explosion for Empire Power Plant (replaced with a standard flame effect)
  6. Removed large flame/smoke effects displayed on Allied Construction Yards in red health (restored back to original effects)
  7. Removed the green light from Imperial Construction Yards.
  8. Removed the big flame effect that was displayed on the Vindicator's and the Soviet Apocalypse Tank's debris.
  9. Removed the giant water ring effect caused by the Assault Destroyer's depth charge.
  10. Fixed MIRV effect for the Soviet V4 rocket. (The missile no longer displays a very saturated mushroom cloud, and the heroic effect no longer gets mixed with the original)
  11. Fixed Heroic Tsunami Tank's effects. (No longer displays a mixed effect between blue and orange, now heroic ones display just orange effects for their shells.)
  12. Fixed Heroic Vindicator's bomb effect. (No longer displays original effect + heroic effect at the same time)
  13. Fixed Allied Power Plant unpack animation.
  14. Fixed Iron Curtain specular map.
  15. Fixed Allied Refinery unpack animation. (No longer displays the water platform when unpacking on land.)
  16. Fixed Allied Barracks specular map.
  17. Fixed a slight visual bug where the Cryocopter's cryo beam flickers.
  18. Flame effects displayed on units/structures in red health state reduced back to their original size.
  19. Psionic Decimator given a light effect.
  20. Tankbusters given a light effect for their lasers.
  21. Peacekeepers with Riot Shields now display blood when attacked from the side or back.
  22. Super Reactor given a water splash effect when destroyed over water.
  23. All building animations will stop playing once the corresponding building is hit by an EMP missile.
  24. Heroic Stingrays given a new effect.
  25. Allied Blackout Missile given a target decal. (Purely visual, the original effect radius remains unchanged.)
  26. Minor changes such as changes in particle count, size and color saturation in small effects, sounds, and changes that are too small to list here.

The following changes are inspired by TX1138's Revolution mod, hence he deserves the credit for these effects:

  1. Twinblades given a firing effect when launching rockets.
  2. Proton Collider given a light effect.
  3. Dreadnoughts now display a smoke effect when they sacrifice launchers.
  4. Heroic Flak Troopers given a recolored weapon effect.
  5. Allied Blackout Missile given a new effect.
  6. V4 launchers given a smoke effect when launching a missile.
  7. Allied Harvester and Riptide ACV given a water animation effect over water.
  8. Improved Vacuum Imploder effects.
  9. Natasha's bomber given an explosion effect upon detonating its projectile.
  10. Soviet Battle Lab given smoke effect animations.
  11. Super Reactor and Vacuum Imploder given a big scorch mark upon exploding.
  12. Hammer Tank, Guardian Tank, and Assault Destroyer given heroic effects for their weapons.
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