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Mouse Acceleration Problem

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Greetings all,




Athlon AMD 2400+ XP

Asus A7N8X Deluxe

Leadtek Gf 4 Ti4200 128mb

Seagate Barracuda 80gb

Win XP Pro Sp2


Mouse in question: Microsoft 'Blue' Optical mouseUSB & PS2 compatible. (Plugged into Ps2 port with an adaptor that came with the mouse.)




After applying SP2 to Win XP Pro, I've noticed that when I've tried to play THeme Hospital, the mouse is extremely sluggish/laggy.

I am wondering if there is some sort of tweak or something I can use so I can play normally?


Much Obliged,



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Well we aint experts with Theme Hospital here, but I don't think your comp's specificatoins are the problem here. I think it's a compatability issue between XP and the game.

Have you tried using the mouse via a USB port instead of the adaptor?

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PS2 Mouse = BAD

USB Mouse = GOOD.


I don't think I can be any simpler :wink:.

Plug your mouse into a USB port and you will see that it works much better.

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plug the mouse into the usb port, and go to control pannel -> mouse under classic view in win xp or control pannel -> printers ando ther hardware -> mouse under Category view. Then under pointer options tab adjust your mouse speed. also in the game under settings there may be a mouse sensitivity option

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