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Anyone else running Linux?

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I run Red Hat for a server but that's it. WINE never really worked well for me and I have too many games that won't run on it.

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Windows mainly my self until the last few years. it's creeping on to more and more of my machines and laptops. if i was a bit more driven and smarter i'd make some guide or auto install scripts for various command and conquer games.


i'm finding more and more games work on it these days. even the witcher 3 and GTA V, although not 100% perfect. gallium 9 (native direct x on linux) and DXVK (Dx to vulkan) seems to be making major headway. I need to re test with version 3.3 that just came out.


Another big splash is Lutris and Play On Linux they install most or all of it automatically for you if the game is in the list. While windows is still king i've been pleasantly surprised the last several years.









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