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EA is ranked #5 in the Top 20 most hated companies in America

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I was looking for worst companies in America 2018, and instead, USA Today mentioned a Top 20 most-hated companies in America: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2018/02/01/bad-reputation-americas-top-20-most-hated-companies/1058718001

Still EA lands in the top 5 anyway, thanks to that fucking loot box fiasco, killing their reputation once again.

Others that made the list (and my opinions):

Trump -- his brand organization is still under surveillance and investigation by Uncle Sam.
Equifax -- that terrified or worried over half of Americans having their info stolen by unknown cybercriminals.
Comcast -- those people will never learn how to improve customer service.
Facebook --- that site has been slowing/lagging down for me anyway every time I load the site recently and... I don't support fake news and some unnecessary stuff.
NFL -- what the hell? From players kneeling in national anthems to addressing head injuries, the once beloved America's game is declining.
The Weinstein Company -- time for that production/studio to head into shut down mode after numerous sexual harassment allegations to the main founder.
Sears -- it will bankrupt this year no matter how hard they tried to survive despite terrible customer service and poor sales for an obsolete retailer.
Wells Fargo -- too many issues to deal with recently, especially fraud.

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